Los Angeles Kings fans holding out hope for a Stanley Cup victory


Although the road to the first Stanley Cup championship might have become more difficult for the Kings after consecutive losses to the New Jersey Devils, their fans aren’t hitting the panic button — yet.

“It’s going to happen tonight. It has to happen tonight,” said Paul Dockstader, who is a Kings season-ticket holder with his wife, Janette. “Otherwise, as every Kings fan imagines, it will go to Game 7, and we’ll be doomed.

“I expect them to win tonight, and I’m afraid for Game 7.”

Janette, donning the jersey of her favorite player, Jeff Carter, said a loss does not necessarily spell doom for Los Angeles.


“If there is a Game 7, we’re still the better team,” she said. “We’re still going to win.”

Season-ticket holder Larry Keeling said he thinks tonight will determine who will win the series.

“We lost a lot of our swagger in terms of finishing,” Keeling said. “I just wanted them to wrap it up in Game 4. I didn’t want to be here for this.

“It’s something that we’ve waited so many years for and, if it slips away, it’s something else. Hopefully we put them away tonight by getting a big lead.”


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