Clippers trail the Pistons at halftime, 41-38

In their second game of back-to-back contests, the Clippers opened strong then fatigued quickly against the Detroit Pistons, finishing the first half trailing by three points, 41-38.

The team’s shooting told the story.

In the first quarter, the Clippers outshot the Pistons, 68.8% to 34.8%.

In the second quarter, the Clippers shot 26.3%.

The Clippers saw their 10-point lead in the first quarter disappear when Ben Gordon made a jumper to give the Pistons a 32-30 advantage with just over six minutes remaining in the half.

It’s been a tough and tiring stretch for the Clippers. This is their second set of back-to-back games this week and their fifth game in seven days.

DeAndre Jordan leads all scorers with nine points, eight of which came from four slam dunks.


Recently acquired guard Nick Young made his Clippers debut at the top of the second quarter.

He made the first shot he took with about 10 minutes remaining in the half. He went to the locker room with four points on one-for-three shooting.

There was a play in the first quarter that’s sure to make the highlights. And it had nothing to do wtih basketball.

Blake Griffin was knocked out of bounds and he slammed into a woman sitting courtside, sending her drink and popcorn flying all over them.

Griffin sat on the floor stunned for a while before wiping himself off with a towel.

Both Griffin and Chris Paul then walked over to the woman who was struck and shook her hand.


Nick Young happy to be home in L.A.

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Clippers trail the Pistons at halftime, 41-38