Broncos’ Eric Decker trips ... and a new verb is born

Something funny happened to Eric Decker on the way to the end zone.

The Denver receiver was wide open when he caught a deep pass from Peyton Manning midway through the second quarter of the Broncos’ game against the San Diego Chargers on “Monday Night Football.”

With no one near him, Decker took off for what appeared to be a sure touchdown — except he tripped over apparently nothing and landed on the ground. It might be the only time a 55-yard gain has been considered embarrassing, since it should have been an 85-yard touchdown.

Making the situation worse, Manning threw a pick-six to San Diego’s Quentin Jammer three plays later, making it a 14-point swing against the Broncos. Luckily for Decker and company, they went on to win the game, 35-24.

Decker had a sense of humor about it, tweeting after the game: “If yall didn’t see, they had trip wire out there tonight. I reported it to the NFL so an investigation is pending.”

Very soon a new hashtag was trending on Twitter -- #deckering -- with folks tweeting about falling over nothing and encouraging others to post photos and videos of people deckering.

Deckering — it’s what all the cool kids in Denver are doing now that Tebowing has gone out of style.


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