Document details what locked-out NFL officials are seeking

Shaky performances by replacement officials were a hot topic in the NFL over the weekend, with several prominent players calling for the return of the locked-out regulars.

However, there are no meetings scheduled between the NFL and the NFL Referees Assn.

The Times has obtained a memo sent Friday to the locked-out officials from their union, detailing — from the officials’ perspective — the negotiating positions of both sides.

The two-page document urges the officials to “remain calm even in the face of adversity” and reminds them they are “committed to doing what’s right and fair.”

In specific detail, the memo goes over the financial terms of what the officials are seeking, and what the NFL has offered to this point.


According to the document, the last negotiations took place Sept. 1, and the NFL offered to add $1 million annually to total compensation over seven years. That was contingent on officials freezing and terminating the existing defined-benefits pension plan and moving immediately to a 401(k) plan.

The officials countered by offering to reduce their overall compensation by $1 million over five years, if the league would negotiate over the union’s retirement-benefits demand and other issues.

The talks quickly broke down and the sides walked away from the table.


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