Fab Five minus one? Jalen Rose calls out Chris Webber on reunion

Twenty years have passed since Michigan played in the 1993 NCAA tournament championship game, and now the “Fab Five” who starred for the Wolverines back then want to hold a reunion at Monday night’s matchup against Louisville.

Well, four of them do.

Jalen Rose says that Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson have agreed to attend. But Chris Webber has failed to respond.

“We’re still waiting to hear from the big fella,” Rose told ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” show on Monday morning.


Webber has kept his distance ever since he was embroiled in a booster scandal that prompted numerous sanctions against Michigan, including an edict that the school have no contact with him until this year.

There are also some bad memories, with the Wolverines losing to North Carolina in that 1993 final and Webber infamously calling a timeout when his team had none left.

Still, Rose called for a reconciliation.

“Any heartache, any pain, it’s time to let it go,” he said. “If he was homeless, living under a freeway, I could understand it.”


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