Watch Tom Brady go nuts after Orb’s Kentucky Derby win

Tom Brady may seem to have it all -- Super Bowl rings, a supermodel wife, a house with a moat -- but he’s really just a regular guy, like you and me.

You know, the kind of who appreciates the little things in life ... like winning a reported $25,000 at the Kentucky Derby.

OK, so 25 grand may not qualify as a “little thing” to most of us regular guys -- heck, we don’t even have the spare $4,700 Brady is said to have bet on Orb to win the big race. But it’s chump change for someone who has a $60-million contract to play quarterback for the New England Patriots.


Still, that didn’t stop Brady from reacting as if he had won a fourth Super Bowl when Orb crossed the finish line first on Saturday afternoon in Churchill Downs.

Seriously, where was the ref with a flag for excessive celebration when Brady caught up with the horse’s owners -- as well as former Patriots teammates Tedy Bruschi, Dan Koppen and Wes Welker -- after the race?

Check out all the excitement in the above video, via “Business First.”


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