Tim Tebow gets job offer from Arena Football’s Philadelphia Soul

Tim Tebow has received a job offer to play backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League.
(Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Tim Tebow may not have a job in the NFL right now, but at least he has the support of a former NFL great, Ron Jaworski.

The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and part owner of the Philadelphia Soul told the Philadelphia Daily News that his Arena Football League team has offered Tebow a job.

“One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical,” Jaworski said. “He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It’s about processing information and getting the ball out … or you get whacked.”

Good ol’ Jaws. Always looking out for his fellow quarterbacks.

Or is he?

In his other role as a football analyst for ESPN, Jaworski said this after Tebow was released by the New York Jets last month: “Tim Tebow will probably not play another down in the NFL.”


And this: “There’s just really no room for Tim Tebow right now. The skill set that is necessary to play consistently in the NFL is that of a passer. Tim Tebow just doesn’t throw the football well enough to be a consistent NFL quarterback. I don’t think there’s a market for him.”

Interesting. Now we’re finding out Jaworski thinks there just happens to be a market for the former Heisman Trophy winner in the league where he co-owns a team.

And speaking of marketing, it turns out the Soul isn’t even offering Tebow the thing he seems to want the most -- a starting quarterback job. That would still belong to Dan Raudabaugh. Instead, Jaworski and Soul Coach Clint Dolezel sent Tebow a list of plays, mainly near the goal line, they think would be just perfect for him.

So Tebow would be standing on the sideline just waiting for his chance to get in for a handful of plays tailor-made for him? Meanwhile, the team gets all the publicity and financial benefits that Tebowmania brings.

Hmmm, now why does that sound familiar?

This seems like yet another non-NFL job offer Tebow will somehow be able to resist.

“I haven’t heard back from him and I’m not going to push it,” Jaworski said. “If he decides he wants to play arena football, we’ll make a spot for him.”


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