Tiger Woods wants limits on TV viewers reporting violations

Tiger Woods wants limits on TV viewers reporting violations
Tiger Woods was penalized after being spotted breaking rules by TV viewers during the Masters and BMW Championship.
(Erik S. Lesser / EPA)

Tiger Woods would like to see a time limit placed on when television viewers can call in to report possible rules violations, and the PGA Tour has vowed to consider the matter.

This season, at the Masters and the BMW Championship, Woods was spotted breaking rules on screen and, in each case, was later penalized two strokes. He was also involved in incidents at two other tournaments.


“There needs to be a time limit and I think there needs to be a discussion of obviously where is that time limit,” he told reporters at the Tour Championship in Atlanta. “Where is that line demarcation?”

Earlier this week, tour commissioner Tim Finchem spoke about a potential limit and perhaps changing the rule that can lead to the disqualification of any player who signs an incorrect scorecard and is later discovered to have broken a rule.


Woods believes that highly ranked golfers face more scrutiny than others.

“I think that it’s a new age in which there is a lot of cameras that are around -- well, around my group and then some of the top players,” he said. "I get it from the first time I step on the range.”

He wondered if the sport will reach a point where every player must be followed by a camera.

“The digital age, is it going to change?” he asked. "These are all questions and answers that need to be resolved in the near future.”



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