Former Laker Mychal Thompson discusses Game 1 win [Video]

Mychal Thompson, a former Laker and current basketball analyst on the radio, will evaluate the Lakers’ performance in a video with Times reporter Melissa Rohlin after each home game during the playoffs. 

After the Lakers’ 103-88 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, Thompson predicted the series will last five games.

Here are some highlights from the interview in the video above.

Thompson on Andrew Bynum’s triple-double:

“If Andrew Bynum comes with that kind of attitude every night, not so much to dominate on the offensive end, but to guard the basket and protect the lane the way he did in Game 1, if he does that and that’s his motivation, that’s his goal every game, to play like he did today defensively, the Lakers can definitely cruise all the way to the Finals led by him.”

Thompson on the Lakers holding the Nuggets to 35.6% shooting and giving up only seven points to Ty Lawson, the team’s leading scorer: 

“The Lakers are very good in half-court defense and they took Ty Lawson out of his game, especially the fastbreak game. If you take away Ty Lawson’s fast court opportunities that almost cuts his offensive opportunities in half.”

Thompson on what the Lakers need to focus on in the ensuing games of the series:

“Basically just repeat Game 1. They don’t have to change anything." 


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Former Laker Mychal Thompson discusses Game 1 win [Video]

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