Video: Dwight Howard disguises himself by wearing a 2 Chainz wig


If you see an extremely built man that looks like Dwight Howard but has much longer hair, don’t be fooled.

When Howard doesn’t want to be recognized, he wears a little disguise.

“Actually I got a 2 Chainz wig that I wear a lot,” he said.

Yes, that may seem too good to be true. But it gets better.

The charismatic Laker center also sometimes dresses up as what he calls “the Soul Glo guy,” imitating a character with amazing hair from a scene in “Coming to America,” a comedy about an African prince who comes to America to find his bride.


“I have one of those wigs that I can put on and nobody will know it’s me,” he said.

Howard has a lighthearted approach to basketball and life. He constantly smiles while he plays and when he’s not on the court, he loves joking around.

At a recent practice, before reporters could get a basketball-related question in, Howard went around and guessed people’s ages.

Howard likes to kid around, but he may want to ask Pau Gasol for some advice on how to blend in while in public.

The 7-foot-1 Gasol has a much simpler solution.

“I have to sit down,” he said.


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