Robert Sacre under contract for three more seasons with Lakers

Robert Sacre averaged 1.3 points and 1.1 rebounds in six minutes a game during his 32 appearances with the Lakers last season.
(Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

The Lakers re-signed center Robert Sacre on Wednesday, inking a longer deal than initially expected.

Noted salary-cap expert Larry Coon revealed Sacre’s compensation Thursday night on Twitter.

Robert Sacre joins Steve Nash as the only Lakers signed past 2014. He’s on the books for $915,243 in 2014-15, $981,358 in 2015-16 (non-g’d) — Larry Coon (@LarryCoon) July 12, 2013


Sacre is signed at the minimum for each season, with his final year non-guaranteed. has a breakdown of the Lakers’ salaries, showing Sacre and Nash as the only two players under contract for 2014/15 season.

The Lakers are expected to maximize their salary-cap room next summer with hopes of landing one or two all-star-level players.

Sacre shouldn’t get in the way of the team’s plans when it comes to shopping.

The league will charge teams $507,000 for any open roster spots up to 12. Sacre’s $915,000 eats up just an additional $408,000 of the team’s spending power in 2014.

Sacre was a practice player in his first year with the Lakers, averaging 1.3 points a game in 32 appearances. If he can emerge as a regular rotation player, the team would have a seven-footer under contract for three years on a very cheap contract.

Nash is also on the books at $9.7 million. The league’s current cap projection for 2014/15 is $62.1 million.

Kobe Bryant’s contract expires after this year, but he will still take up $32 million in cap space next summer, even before he re-signs, assuming he re-signs. If he’s not open to a discounted salary, the Lakers would have about $15 million in spending power after renouncing the rights to all their free agents, including Pau Gasol.

If the Lakers also renounced Bryant’s rights, the team would have about $46.4 million in cap room to spend in free agency.

Bryant technically could sign a minimum contract, helping the team maintain significant spending power. Gasol could do the same.

If both were willing to take less money for one season, they’d be eligible for maximum contracts the following year.


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