Lakers’ Nick Young has about $100,000 in goods stolen from his home

Lakers forward Nick Young, left, puts up a shot against Orlando forward Kyle O'Quinn at Staples Center on Sunday night.
Lakers forward Nick Young, left, puts up a shot against Orlando forward Kyle O’Quinn at Staples Center on Sunday night.
(Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

The Sherman Oaks home of Lakers forward Nick Young was robbed Sunday night of almost $100,000 in goods, he said Monday.

The burglary happened while the Lakers played the Orlando Magic at Staples Center.

“I walked in and saw drawers open, clothes all over the floor. I know I didn’t leave my place like that,” Young said. “Then I looked at the window and it was broken. Glass all over the floor. That’s when I knew someone had gotten in there.”

Jewelry, clothes and luggage were stolen. The good-natured Young also said he was irritated to lose some of his Nike Air Yeezy shoes, valued at several thousand dollars a pair.


“I was just shocked they tried to get ‘Swaggy,’” said Young, a favorite of Lakers followers who has given himself the nickname “Swaggy P.”

Young chose to stay the night at a hotel after realizing he had been robbed. He had one minor complaint.

“The police didn’t come until, like 4 or 5 [a.m.] I called them at 2,” Young said.

Young said he was happy the thieves weren’t still in the house when he returned from the Lakers’ 103-94 victory over the Orlando Magic. Young scored 26 points in a rare Lakers victory.

“I think they knew that I had a game that day. I think they scoped it out a little bit,” Young said. “Obviously they knew nobody was in the house and they knew we had a game so they came at the right time.”


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