Stat corner: Best players at each position in MLB history

Who had the best career at each position in baseball history?

We can use the Wins Above Average stat, covered in a previous stat corner, to give one possible answer. Remember, WAA gives you credit for what a player did that was above an average player at their position in the years they played.

The number represents how many wins a player meant for his team compared with an average player. Players are listed at the position that they played the most number of games, and the top active player is also included.



1. Johnny Bench, 46.7

2. Gary Carter, 40.1

10. Joe Mauer, 28.2

First Base


1. Lou Gehrig, 78.5

2. Albert Pujols, 63.8

Second Base

1. Rogers Hornsby, 97.5

2. Eddie Collins, 78.9

8. Chase Utley, 42.1

Third Base

1. Mike Schmidt, 73.6


2. Eddie Mathews, 58.9

4. Adrian Beltre, 54.6


1. Honus Wagner, 91.8

2. Alex Rodriguez, 76.1

19. Troy Tulowitzki, 27.2


1. Babe Ruth, 125.5


2. Barry Bonds, 123.9

3. Willie Mays, 110.3

4. Ty Cobb, 102.0

5. Ted Williams, 94.1

6. Hank Aaron, 92.9

19. Mike Trout, 46.1

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