Racing! Readers say Jerry Hollendorfer got a bad deal

Hello, my name is John Cherwa and welcome back to our horse racing newsletter as we turn this here bag of words mostly over to you.

The poll results on Jerry Hollendorfer’s banishment from Santa Anita and other Stronach Group tracks were rather stark and pronounced. Of those of you who feel you knew enough, about three-quarters (74%) believe that Hollendorfer was made a scapegoat by The Stronach Group. That percentage eliminates the votes of those who believed they didn’t know enough.

Now 31% of the total votes said there wasn’t enough information out there to make an informed decision. It would indicate TSG hasn’t done a very good job telling its side of the story. Or, it could mean, as was mentioned in many comments, that judgement shouldn’t be passed until there was due process.

TSG somewhat did tell its side of the story in a long segment on CNN that was very critical of Hollendorfer. It ran the day before the fourth horse in Hollendorfer’s care died and he was banished from the track.

Now, we’re not going to say that TSG totally planted that story with CNN, but we will say the results couldn’t have been any better had they planted that story. Make sense?

(Just to be clear, stories are planted with journalists, me included, every single day. There’s nothing evil about it, but it is incumbent on the journalist to seek the other side of the story.)

As we’ve said before, it seems as if TSG’s strategy is to change the narrative away from the track and onto the trainers.

The Los Angeles Times (that’s me) has asked for a behind-the-scenes explanation of how the decision making came about, but so far no one has been made available. But we’re hopeful. One mitigating factor is the fear of what most expect to be litigation.

Now, back to the poll. Even though it was unscientific, such a Nixon-McGovern landslide is very likely to capture the unfiltered feelings of the racing public.

There were more than 700 votes, and here’s how it broke down percentage-wise, counting all the votes.

--Hollendorfer was made a scapegoat: 51%.

--Not enough information has been made public to pass judgement: 31%.

--It was the appropriate penalty: 11%.

--The penalties should extend to every track: 7%.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a comment. A lot of the views were the same, especially when it came to due process. If more than one person expressed almost the same opinion, I used the first one in the house.

Some of you were a little too verbose and, of course, the usual amount of you still haven’t got it that I require a name, not some cutesy email handle. So, let’s get to your thoughts. And thanks again.


I feel in a rush to judgment, almost a lynch mob mentality, Jerry has not been dealt with fairly. No charges have been made against him by the CHRB. No suspicious results have emerged from any of the necropsies. It is not fair to take away a person’s livelihood absent much better justification.

--John Harris

(Former Chairman of the CHRB)

I’ve known Jerry for 38 years and there is not a harder working horseman on the planet. His record is stellar and he invests in his horses by partnering with his clients. He deserves our support to be reinstated at TSG tracks and Del Mar.

--Nick Alexander

(Chairman of the TOC)

It isn’t about what he did was right or wrong but every American citizen has a right to due process.

--John Becker

Has anyone actually stated what safety rules Mr. Hollendorfer broke? He may be the victim of simply horrible racing luck or he is running hurt horses. Has anyone come forward stating the latter for some reason like a former vet, assistant or groom?

--Russ Nicolosi

“We are an industry that operates according to rules and regulations, standards are clear, violations have consequences and we are transparent.” They can’t be expected to be taken seriously by anyone with this statement.

--Jo Anne Normile

Everyone is entitled to due process and everyone has to follow the rules. If Hollendorfer was notified that he was in violation and failed to act or appeal he got punished appropriately. If not, he should be reinstated.

--John O'Sullivan

There needs to be a public hearing process so a trainer subject to suspension is told the specific reasons why a suspension is being considered and has a chance to respond to the them.

--Dick Bushey

It appears he was set up as a scapegoat and not given any opportunity to respond to shadow allegations. The Stronach Group sought to turn the focus off them and on to trainers. If I were a trainer, I would be worried that TSG could arbitrarily do the same to me.

--Mary Bruels

‘Dorf's reaction and statements to the suspension showed the ultimate class of a true hall of fame horseman.

--James Chan

With the new regs and added staff I think he should have been reminded of the number of fatalities from his barns and a warning issued with appropriate action affecting his ability to saddle horses at Stronach facilities.

--Doug Potts

It’s unconscionable to ruin a HOF trainer’s career without due process and transparency. By involving neither, TSG has made a grave misstep in its handling of this situation. Until they provide legitimate justification for the ban, I say Free Jerry.

--Aaron Bernstein

I don’t understand why he did not go into court the Monday after the ban was announced and obtain a temporary restraining order on due process grounds for Stronach Group restraint of trade. Is his reluctance to do so due to a concern as to the evidence that will be presented in a subsequent hearing?

--Ray Rittenhouse

There may be something amiss in Hollendorfer's management of the horses he trains. But this suspension, and its supposed rationale, look like nothing more than a public relations ploy.

--Stephen Dixon

Santa Anita turned their racing surface into a concrete nightmare instead of closing down until it could dry out. And used public humiliation of a respected trainer to pass the blame. Who is next?

--Jerry Lee Vanderhurst

It seems that Hollendorfer has been a little lax in his running some horses that most likely should not have run. We just don’t have the complete picture yet, but he should stand up for his livelihood if the ban does not have merit.

--Eric Rickard

Statistically, over the course of Jerry Hollendorfer's career and based on the number of horses he has trained, Jerry has one of the safest stables. If anyone questions Jerry's commitment to and love of horses, please check out the “Down the Stretch Foundation,” which Jerry and his wife co-founded.

--Barbara Meserve

No clear evidence to blackball Hollendorfer. If the name were Baffert, would the same result occur?

--Joe Marando

Switching the narrative away from themselves (in this case to the trainers) is a typical Stronach Group ploy. Stronach needs to be reminded that even in business ventures “as you sow, so shall you reap” applies.

--Bill Casper

He got screwed; shame on the Stronach Group and Santa Anita for their “deadly” parts in this. May karma come back to them.

--Bruce Graybiel

Jerry needs to retire. What happened to American Currency justifies his banishment.

--Kate Harper

I think a more positive solution would be to work in conjunction with Mr. Hollendorfer towards improving both his and Santa Anita's overall death rate. The problem is endemic; hence I don't think it fair to single out any one person/trainer.

--Ira Flusberg

Ironically, when he was racing exclusively in Northern California, Hollendorfer was considered the best trainer by jockeys because his horses were always the fittest at the track.

--Chuck Dybdal

The Stronach management team is most responsible here. How many quality professionals have left or been let go in the past nine months, including a certain track superintendent who continues to work full time at Del Mar and Los Alamitos.

--Richard Howe

You don’t earn your way into any Hall of Fame by doing it the wrong way. The Stronach Group’s bait-and-switch tactic was not thought out very well.

--Cliff Pfenning

Just because someone may be stubborn and cantankerous doesn't make them a danger to the horses in their care. TSG refuses to acknowledge their foolish assumption that they could run Santa Anita like they do Gulfstream and have been scapegoating anyone and anything they can.

--Edmund Lupinski

When Jerry Hollendorfer was filling races at Golden Gate and Bay Meadows, Team Stronach seemed to have no problem with him, now they have decided to make an example of him. I haven’t seen an appreciable change in his methodology since then.

--Curtis Wright

Unless there is some publicly unavailable information that justifies Mr. Hollendorfer’s expulsion, it’s Tim Ritvo, Belinda Stronach and the rest of the Stronach Group that needs to be permanently expelled from horse racing. Geez, regardless of what happens going forward, they’ve destroyed his career.

--Bill Heubach

I will say this: Hollendorfer runs a ton of marginal stock. Also, TSG better have the goods on anyone they banish.

--Andy Mosley

If the trainer is really that bad, then he will eventually eliminate himself from training racehorses. Not the Stronach Group. But it is the Stronach Group right to dictate who can or can't operate at its business locations.

--Dee Lew

When a trainer gets banned, the horses should be as well, not just simply allowed to be transferred to an assistant. That way the owners would put pressure on the trainer to follow the rules.

--Dennis McGarry

Thinking back, he has had three big name champions in the last few years. 1) Shared Belief is dead; 2) Songbird and Unique Bella were retired for unsoundness. Were they over-trained?

--Joen Mitchell

Los Alamitos thoroughbred review

The feature on Sunday was a $55,000 allowance for horses going 1 1/16 miles. A scratch made it a field of five. California Journey was the winner for, yup, trainer Hollendorfer. The 5-year-old gelding went to lead early in the stretch and extended to win by three lengths.

California Journey paid $4.20, $2.80 and $2.10. All Good was second followed by Rocko’s Wheel, Start a Runnin and Original Intent. Geovanni Franco was the winning jockey.

Los Alamitos was scheduled to resume on Thursday but cancelled the card for lack of entries. The final three days of the meeting will be Friday through Sunday. Nine races is expected each day.

Big races review

A look at graded stakes or races worth $100,000 or more on late Saturday and Sunday.


Prairie Meadows (7): $100,000 Saylorville Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 6 furlongs. Winner: Shanghai Tariff ($11.20)

Prairie Meadows (8): $100,000 Iowa Distaff Stakes, fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 1/16 miles. Winner: Moonlit Garden ($4.00)


Woodbine (3): $100,000 Victoria Stakes, 2-year-olds, 5 ½ furlongs. Winner: Mr. Hustle ($4.20)

Belmont (8): $100,000 State Dinner Stakes, 4 and up, 1 1/16 miles. Winner: Prince Lucky ($13.00)

Presque Isle Downs (5): $100,000 Northern Fling Stakes, Penn-bred fillies and mares 3 and up, 1 mile. Winner: Imply ($2.60)

Presque Isle Downs (7): $100,000 Leematt Stakes, Penn-breds 3 and up, 1 mile. Winner: Jaguar Poz ($12.40)

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Now, here’s the star of the show, Sunday’s results. See you on Friday.

Los Alamitos Race Course Charts Results for Sunday, July 7.

Copyright 2019 by Equibase Company. Reproduction prohibited. Los Alamitos Race Course, Los Alamitos, California. 6th day of a 10-day meet. Clear & Fast


1 Mile. Purse: $15,000. Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Prices $10,000-$9,000. Time 23.61 46.50 1:11.18 1:23.56 1:36.48

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

1 Nap Lajoie 124 1 3 1–hd 1–hd 1–½ 1–½ 1–1¼ Cedillo 1.40
3 Tiz Love 124 3 2 4–2½ 2–½ 2–3 2–4 2–4 Aragon 5.10
4 Excavation 117 4 1 3–1 3–½ 3–2½ 3–3 3–4 Velez 1.00
2 Kennedie Sky 110 2 5 5 5 4–hd 4–3 4–4 Diaz, Jr. 18.60
5 Harrovian 119 5 4 2–hd 4–4 5 5 5 Flores 12.30

1 NAP LAJOIE 4.80 3.60 2.10
3 TIZ LOVE 4.80 2.20
$1 EXACTA (1-3)  $12.20
$1 TRIFECTA (1-3-4)  $16.50

Winner–Nap Lajoie B.g.5 by Into Mischief out of Lady Sweetness, by Candy Ride (ARG). Bred by Nick Alexander (CA). Trainer: Steven Miyadi. Owner: Nicholas B. Alexander. Mutuel Pool $66,290 Exacta Pool $28,844 Trifecta Pool $26,883. Scratched–none.

NAP LAJOIE gained slim advantage on the initial turn, set pressured pace while slightly off the rail, dueled outside rival on the second bend, regained control in the drive and inched away in final furlong. TIZ LOVE bobbled leaving the gate but quickly recovered, tucked in behind dueling leaders, moved up along the rail to engage pacesetter into and on the second turn, dropped back slightly and finished willingly inside. EXCAVATION three abreast early then prompted the pace from between rivals, continued close up on same path, came out further leaving last bend and bested rest. KENNEDIE SKY reserved from the inside, came off the rail on the backstretch, swung out five wide entering the stretch and never menaced. HARROVIAN caught four deep into first turn, stalked from the outside, lost contact leaving the backstretch, came in some in the stretch and weakened.


5½ Furlongs. Purse: $19,000. Starter Optional Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $12,500. Time 21.83 44.24 55.73 1:02.08

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ 3/8 Str Fin Jockey $1

3 Krsto Skye 124 3 1 2–½ 2–2½ 1–2½ 1–5 Franco 2.80
2 Rocky's Show 117 2 2 1–1½ 1–hd 2–3 2–1 Velez 4.80
4 Best Two Minutes 124 4 3 4–1 3–1½ 3–6 3–10 Pena 0.80
5 Market Sentiment 124 5 5 5 5 4–1 4–1¾ Fuentes 4.60
1 Advantageous 124 1 4 3–hd 4–1½ 5 5 Aragon 40.80

3 KRSTO SKYE 7.60 4.40
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (1-3)  $33.40
$1 EXACTA (3-2)  $21.90
$1 TRIFECTA (3-2-4)  $35.80

Winner–Krsto Skye B.g.7 by City Zip out of Princess Lianna, by American Chance. Bred by Andy Smolich & Marilyn Smolich (KY). Trainer: Librado Barocio. Owner: Librado Barocio. Mutuel Pool $87,285 Daily Double Pool $17,491 Exacta Pool $43,790 Trifecta Pool $45,567. Scratched–none.

KRSTO SKYE tracked pacesetter early from off the rail, bid nearing three-eights marker, dueled outside rival, gained lead in upper stretch, drew off in final furlong and was in hand in final yards. ROCKY'S SHOW quickly stepped to the front, resisted inside around the turn, could not match winner in the lane but safely held second. BEST TWO MINUTES stalked from off the rail, continued on three wide path into the stretch, came in slightly and closed on runner-up late under right handed urging. MARKET SENTIMENT unhurried early, chased from the outside, caught five then four wide into and around the bend, later came in some and weakened. ADVANTAGEOUS saved ground stalking the pace into the lane and also weakened.


5½ Furlongs. Purse: $23,000. Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Prices $25,000-$22,500. Time 22.14 45.30 57.35 1:04.05

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ 3/8 Str Fin Jockey $1

5 Erebuni 124 4 1 3–2½ 3–3½ 3–3½ 1–nk Flores 8.40
1 Winsinfashion 117 1 2 1–hd 1–½ 1–1½ 2–1 Velez 1.80
2 Coilette 120 2 3 2–1½ 2–2½ 2–2 3–3 Gryder 0.70
3 Tengs Rhythm 115 3 4 4 4 4 4 Diaz, Jr. 5.30

5 EREBUNI 18.80 7.80
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (3-5)  $93.00
$1 EXACTA (5-1)  $26.70
$1 TRIFECTA (5-1-2)  $51.60

Winner–Erebuni Ch.f.4 by Ministers Wild Cat out of Yet Anothernatalie, by Storm Boot. Bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds, LLC (CA). Trainer: Sam J. Scolamieri. Owner: Petrosian Brothers Racing Stable. Mutuel Pool $78,988 Daily Double Pool $7,273 Exacta Pool $33,968 Trifecta Pool $24,107. Claimed–Coilette by Zolotas, Steven and Zolotas, Sabina Romo. Trainer: Jorge Periban. Scratched–Heart of the Nile.

$1 Pick Three (1-3-5) paid $100.60. Pick Three Pool $18,757.

EREBUNI stalked the dueling leaders off the rail on the backstretch and turn, remained off the rail through the lane, rallied three deep through the final furlong and was up on the wire. WINSINFASHION dueled inside a rival on the backstretch and turn, inched away from that foe in midstretch, maintained a clear advantage at the furlong marker and was run down on the line. COILETTE dueled outside a rival on the backstretch and turn, could not match strides with that foe in midstretch and weakened in the final furlong. TENGS RHYTHM was fractious in the gate prior to the start, chased off the rail on the backstretch, angled in on the turn, swung out in the stretch and did not rally.


1 Mile. Purse: $18,000. Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Prices $16,000-$14,000. Time 23.56 47.55 1:12.37 1:24.94 1:37.79

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

4 Beyond Pleasure 121 4 2 3–1 3–1½ 1–1 1–½ 1–1½ Prat 0.70
2 Atina 121 2 3 1–hd 1–½ 2–½ 2–8 2–10 Talamo 2.60
5 Cee Sam's Girl 115 5 5 5 5 4–1½ 4–4 3–1¼ Diaz, Jr. 10.50
3 Just Be Held 115 3 1 2–1 2–½ 3–6 3–2 4–4 Velez 4.30
1 Taylor's Addiction 121 1 4 4–3 4–4 5 5 5 Pereira 14.20

4 BEYOND PLEASURE 3.40 2.20 2.10
2 ATINA (ARG) 2.60 2.10
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (5-4)  $34.20
$1 EXACTA (4-2)  $3.90
$1 TRIFECTA (4-2-5)  $14.60

Winner–Beyond Pleasure B.f.4 by Overanalyze out of What's Your Point, by Wheaton. Bred by Stargazers, LLC (LA). Trainer: Richard Baltas. Owner: Cicero Farms, LLC, Messineo, Nancy, Sands, Bruce and Woods, Gary. Mutuel Pool $107,659 Daily Double Pool $9,800 Exacta Pool $57,715 Trifecta Pool $50,473. Scratched–none.

$1 Pick Three (3-5-4) paid $87.90. Pick Three Pool $9,886.

BEYOND PLEASURE was four abreast into first turn, settled just off the leaders and three wide, challenged three deep midway on the last turn, gained slim lead entering the lane, edged away in the drive and held off inside rival under energetic hand pressure and few right handed taps. ATINA (ARG) contested the pace from along the rail, continued inside and was under strong asking to remain close in upper stretch, battled gamely to wire but was out finished. CEE SAM'S GIRL was bit hard to load, reserved early, chased three wide early, angled in bit and chased inside, shifted back out into the stretch and gained minor award. JUST BE HELD three wide and between rivals early, dueled outside rival through the backstretch, between rivals on the second bend, dropped back in the drive, weakened and lost the show. TAYLOR'S ADDICTION tracked pace from the inside, dropped back around the second turn and weakened.


6 Furlongs. Purse: $45,000. Allowance Optional Claiming. Fillies and Mares. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $40,000. Time 21.72 44.32 56.45 1:08.89

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ Str Fin Jockey $1

3 Qahira 118 3 2 3–1½ 3–3 3–3½ 1–3½ Talamo 0.60
4 First Screening 120 4 3 2–hd 2–2½ 2–hd 2–½ Fuentes 15.10
1 Stealthediamonds 118 1 1 1–1 1–hd 1–1 3–1½ Franco 3.00
5 Jaccat 124 5 4 4–1 4–3½ 4–6 4–8 Prat 3.70
2 Hello Bubbles 118 2 5 5 5 5 5 Gutierrez 13.30

3 QAHIRA 3.20 2.80 2.10
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (4-3)  $6.20
$1 EXACTA (3-4)  $12.80
$1 TRIFECTA (3-4-1)  $29.10

Winner–Qahira B.f.3 by Cairo Prince out of Motel Lass, by Bates Motel. Bred by Nekia Farm & Hunter Valley Farm (KY). Trainer: Bob Baffert. Owner: Baoma Corporation. Mutuel Pool $159,819 Daily Double Pool $22,365 Exacta Pool $59,990 Trifecta Pool $64,057. Scratched–none.

$1 Pick Three (5-4-3) paid $36.50. Pick Three Pool $27,590. $1 Pick Four (3-5-4-3) 4 correct paid $232.20. Pick Four Pool $61,933. 50-Cent Pick Five (1-3-5-4-3) 5 correct paid $352.70. Pick Five Pool $231,887.

QAHIRA stalked the dueling leaders into and around the turn, came into the stretch three wide, remained three wide at the furlong marker, rallied through the final eighth and drew clear. FIRST SCREENING veered out and brushed a rival at the start, dueled outside a rival into and around the turn, battle outside that foe through the lane, could not hold off the winner in the final furlong but gamely held second. STEALTHEDIAMONDS dueled inside a rival into and around the turn, battled inside that foe through the lane, weakened in the final furlong and was edged for the place. JACCAT was brushed at the start, chased off the rail then angled in on the turn, remained inside in the lane and lacked the needed rally. HELLO BUBBLES was off a step slowly, chased a bit off the rail on the backstretch and turn, swung out in the stretch and did not threaten.


1 Mile. Purse: $18,000. Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Prices $16,000-$14,000. Time 23.99 47.03 1:11.65 1:24.26 1:37.20

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

6 Taste's Legend 121 6 1 4–1 3–2 3–½ 2–1 1–hd Pereira 10.40
2 Fortune of War 124 2 2 5–2 5–3 4–8 1–½ 2–1¾ Arroyo, Jr. 7.90
4 Topgallant 124 4 5 3–½ 2–1 1–hd 3–4 3–17 Fuentes 1.30
3 Polity 114 3 3 1–½ 1–hd 2–1½ 4–8 4–6 Diaz, Jr. 1.90
1 Many Treats 121 1 4 2–1 4–1½ 5–1½ 5–5 5–21 Payeras 71.00
5 Kidmon 121 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 Talamo 3.90

6 TASTE'S LEGEND 22.80 9.60 4.60
2 FORTUNE OF WAR (GB) 7.60 3.20
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (3-6)  $50.60
$1 EXACTA (6-2)  $53.10
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (6-2-4-3)  $32.17
$1 TRIFECTA (6-2-4)  $148.10

Winner–Taste's Legend Ch.g.7 by Roman Ruler out of Tastetheteardrops, by What Luck. Bred by David Bloom (KY). Trainer: Marsha D. Schwizer. Owner: Justified Farm LLC. Mutuel Pool $115,436 Daily Double Pool $12,430 Exacta Pool $57,137 Superfecta Pool $33,625 Trifecta Pool $40,210. Scratched–none.

$1 Pick Three (4-3-6) paid $61.70. Pick Three Pool $37,646.

TASTE'S LEGEND prompted the early pace while four wide, continued outside then three wide around last turn, was passed by winner in the drive, angled in some, battled back under right handed urging and nailed FORTUNE OF WAR in the yards. FORTUNE OF WAR (GB) chased from the inside, came off the rail and moved up some on last bend, came four wide into the lane, reached front from the outside passing three-sixteenths marker, edged away but could not stave off winner in final strides. TOPGALLANT advanced three wide, bit into second bend then gained brief lead in upper stretch, overtaken in the drive, came in slightly and chased top pair to wire. POLITY set pace into backstretch from the inside, dueled on second turn but had little left for the drive from the inside. MANY TREATS forced the early pace from along the rail, dropped back through the backstretch and around the second turn and weakened. KIDMON reserved while slightly off the rail, came three wide into the stretch, dropped back readily through the lane, was eventually eased and walked off.


1 Mile. Purse: $40,000. Maiden Special Weight. 3 year olds and up. Time 23.44 46.75 1:10.87 1:23.61 1:36.42

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

8 Justin's Quest 124 8 4 2–1½ 2–1 1–hd 1–hd 1–2½ Prat 1.80
4 Mo Reserve 120 4 5 3–2 3–2½ 3–3 3–3½ 2–½ Gryder 3.00
6 Street Class 120 6 3 6–hd 4–hd 4–1 4–2 3–½ Desormeaux 3.00
2 C Falls 120 2 1 1–½ 1–hd 2–½ 2–½ 4–3½ Mn Garcia 5.60
7 Mica Bay 120 7 8 7–hd 6–½ 5–2½ 5–5 5–6 Arroyo, Jr. 27.10
3 American Camp 120 3 6 8 7–1½ 7–4 6–4 6–7 Cedillo 21.80
5 Potantico 113 5 2 5–1 8 8 8 7–5 Diaz, Jr. 13.60
1 Turn the Switch 120 1 7 4–½ 5–½ 6–1½ 7–½ 8 Gutierrez 20.60

8 JUSTIN'S QUEST 5.60 3.00 2.20
4 MO RESERVE 3.60 2.80
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (6-8)  $109.40
$1 EXACTA (8-4)  $10.90
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (8-4-6-2)  $9.95
$1 TRIFECTA (8-4-6)  $31.00

Winner–Justin's Quest Ch.g.4 by Justin Phillip out of Winter's Quest, by Coronado's Quest. Bred by Castleton Lyons & Kilboy Estate (KY). Trainer: Richard Baltas. Owner: Zayat Stables, LLC. Mutuel Pool $211,758 Daily Double Pool $16,470 Exacta Pool $101,814 Superfecta Pool $62,301 Trifecta Pool $70,382. Scratched–none.

$1 Pick Three (3-6-8) paid $69.20. Pick Three Pool $34,273.

JUSTIN'S QUEST forced the early issue from off the rail then three wide, moved up, bid between rivals departing last turn, gained advantage, came in slightly through the drive then drew clear under urging. MO RESERVE tracked leaders while slightly off the fence, advanced and challenged three deep into the stretch, reach even terms passing quarter marker, dropped back slightly in the drive then fought back to secure second. STREET CLASS chased three or four wide to second turn, was five wide entering the stretch, came in some in the lane and collared inside rival for the show. C FALLS set pressured pace from the inside, resisted inside leaving the last turn, remained prominent past mid stretch then weakened and lost third. MICA BAY angled over early, chased two then three wide into the stretch, lugged out in upper stretch and weakened some late. AMERICAN CAMP chased three then four wide into the backstretch, continued outside and lacked needed late response. POTANTICO reserved while three wide and between foes, dropped back on the second turn, drifted out seven wide into the lane and lacked any late punch. TURN THE SWITCH hugged the rail into the stretch, later came out slightly but was outrun.


1 1/16 Mile. Purse: $45,000. Allowance Optional Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $40,000. Time 23.10 46.45 1:11.01 1:35.92 1:42.36

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ ½ ¾ Str Fin Jockey $1

4 California Journey 121 4 3 3–1½ 3–4 3–3½ 1–1½ 1–3 Franco 1.10
1 All Good 117 1 2 2–2 1–hd 1–½ 2–½ 2–½ Van Dyke 1.90
3 Rocko's Wheel 121 3 4 4–4 4–3½ 4–6 3–1 3–6 Arroyo, Jr. 3.30
2 Start a Runnin 124 2 1 1–hd 2–2 2–½ 4–10 4–10 Flores 10.90
5 Original Intent 124 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Mn Garcia 13.30

4 CALIFORNIA JOURNEY 4.20 2.80 2.10
1 ALL GOOD 3.00 2.20
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (8-4)  $16.20
$1 EXACTA (4-1)  $4.90
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (4-1-3-2)  $2.02
$1 TRIFECTA (4-1-3)  $10.30

Winner–California Journey Dbb.g.5 by Good Journey out of Callie Mae, by Abstract. Bred by Dunns Down LLC (CA). Trainer: Jerry Hollendorfer. Owner: Dunns Downs, LLC. Mutuel Pool $155,383 Daily Double Pool $21,644 Exacta Pool $69,425 Superfecta Pool $34,377 Trifecta Pool $50,892. Scratched–Meistermind.

$1 Pick Three (6-8-4) paid $112.10. Pick Three Pool $20,978.

CALIFORNIA JOURNEY tracked leading duo while three wide, advanced then challenged three deep approaching the top of the stretch, gained lead from outside, drifted out under left handed urging through the drive but drew clear in final furlong. ALL GOOD contested the pace from along the rail through the backstretch, resisted inside into the stretch, could not match the winner in the drive but safely held second. ROCKO'S WHEEL chased while either two or three wide, roused and made steady progress around the second turn, loomed nearing mid stretch, also drifted out under left handed urging and was turned back for the place. START A RUNNIN dueled outside rival into the second turn, dueled between foes and inside the winner later on that bend and into the stretch then weakened. ORIGINAL INTENT settled well off the pace and off the rail, dropped back into the stretch and lacked any late response.


5½ Furlongs. Purse: $15,000. Maiden Claiming. 3 year olds and up. Claiming Price $20,000. Time 22.22 45.97 57.48 1:03.64

Pgm Horse Wt PP St ¼ 3/8 Str Fin Jockey $1

10 San Giorgio 113 7 6 4–1½ 3–1½ 1–1 1–¾ Velez 3.30
2 Temple Knights 124 2 4 5–1½ 5–2 2–1½ 2–3½ Espinoza 2.50
7 Imagineiamfastest 124 5 5 3–hd 2–hd 3–½ 3–3½ Cedillo 1.10
9 Wild Cat Canyon 120 6 7 7 7 6–1 4–1¼ Orduna-Rojas 16.00
5 Sky Glory 120 4 2 2–½ 1–hd 4–3 5–hd Pena 32.30
1 Doheny Beach 124 1 3 6–2 6–1½ 5–1½ 6–7 Payeras 8.20
3 Raw Diamond 124 3 1 1–hd 4–hd 7 7 Iniguez 57.30

10 SAN GIORGIO 8.60 3.80 2.80
2 TEMPLE KNIGHTS 3.40 2.40
$2 DAILY DOUBLE (4-10)  $31.60
$1 EXACTA (10-2)  $16.60
10-CENT SUPERFECTA (10-2-7-9)  $20.85
$1 SUPER HIGH FIVE (10-2-7-9-5)  $564.90
$1 TRIFECTA (10-2-7)  $30.50
$2 CONSOLATION DOUBLE (4-6)  $4.80
$2 CONSOLATION DOUBLE (4-8)  $4.00

Winner–San Giorgio B.c.3 by Girolamo out of Pajama Bottom, by Include. Bred by Cave Brook Farm (KY). Trainer: Leonard Powell. Owner: William Branch. Mutuel Pool $183,598 Daily Double Pool $65,621 Exacta Pool $93,284 Superfecta Pool $78,953 Super High Five Pool $19,633 Trifecta Pool $80,281. Scratched–Checks in the Mail, Mr. Class, Royal Blue Grass.

$1 Pick Three (8-4-10) paid $45.20. Pick Three Pool $137,249. $1 Consolation Pick Three (8-4-6/8) paid $7.00. $1 Pick Four (6-8-4/6-10) 4 correct paid $522.60. Pick Four Pool $404,797. $2 Pick Six (4-3-6-8-4/6-10) 5 out of 6 paid $46.00. $2 Pick Six (4-3-6-8-4/6-10) 6 correct paid $2,251.20. Pick Six Pool $96,925.

SAN GIORGIO stalked from the outside early, advanced four wide then challenged three deep nearing the stretch, reached front in upper stretch then dug in under strong asking and turned back outside rival late. TEMPLE KNIGHTS broke in slightly, settled off the rail, closed ground while four wide around the bend and into the stretch, loomed outside winner in mid stretch but was denied. IMAGINEIAMFASTEST close up early while three wide, moved up then bid between rivals and inside winner leaving the turn, came in bit and could not match top pair in drive and clearly proved next best. WILD CAT CANYON was slow into stride, chased four wide on the turn, came in slightly and passed tiring rivals. SKY GLORY dueled outside rival early, continued prominently while two wide to the stretch then had little left for the drive. DOHENY BEACH stalked from the inside, continued to hug the rail into the lane and also weakened. RAW DIAMOND had good early foot from the inside, dropped back early on the turn, remained along the rail and gave way.

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