Stephen Curry mocks LeBron James’ dance moves while Kyrie Irving joins in


NBA superstars gathered on Saturday in Rhode Island to celebrate Dallas MavericksHarrison Barnes tying the knot. But that was not the only highlight that evening.

Before we delve into what happened at the event, recall days after the NBA Finals, LeBron James posted an Instagram video of himself doing some interesting moves during a workout.

Whatever his intention was, people found it amusing and Saturday was no exception.

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry decided to poke fun at James’ dance moves with his own variation of the dance. A video posted by retired NBA player Brendan Haywood on Instagram shows Curry mimicking the dance with James’ teammate Kyrie Irving joining in on the fun with a message saying, “shots fired,” and the hashtag “kingwontlikethis.”

Not sure if this clears things up from all the rumors circulating about the current state of James’ and Irving’s relationship, but this could be an indicator of it.

Irving has asked to be traded but the Cleveland Cavaliers have not said if they would grant his request.

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