Land deal finalized for proposed Carson NFL stadium


The complex land deal for the proposed stadium shared by the Chargers and Raiders in Carson closed Tuesday morning after months of closed-door negotiations.

The deed for 157 acres adjacent to the 405 freeway transferred from Carson Marketplace, which had previously planned to build a mixed-use development on the site, to a joint powers authority controlled by Carson.

Eleven acres transferred, as well, from Carson Marketplace to Carson Holdings, a newly-created company jointly owned by the Chargers and Raiders.


Mark Fabiani, point man on stadium issues for the Chargers, declined to release the purchase price for the 11 acres.

Fabiani said that Carson would retain control of the 157 acres if the $1.7-billion stadium isn’t built.

Earlier this month, Carson authorized $50.5 million in bonds to finish the cleanup of the former landfill site.

Fabiani said that California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control has consented to the land transfer.

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