Warren Sapp says he’ll donate his brain for concussion research

Warren Sapp remembers the days when football players would tackle from the head and grab each others’ facemasks. He recalls the days when training camp was all about how badly one player could punish another and how much punishment one could take.

“It was, ‘Who’s tough?’” Sapp said in a video for the Players’ Tribune.

But there are things the Hall of Fame defensive tackle said he doesn’t remember so well — and that bothers him. That’s why he’s decided to donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

“I just can’t remember like I used to, and it’s from the banging we did as football players,” Sapp said.


He cited improvements in safety that football has made through the years and said that now it’s time to “make it all the way better.”

“Let’s get the research, let’s apply the knowledge and let’s make it all better for everybody,” Sapp said.

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