Podcast: What’ll it take for L.A. to become Ramstown? ‘Hardcore’ is a ways away, columnist Arash Markazi says


Arash Markazi checks out the StubHub ATL tailgate party at Super Bowl LIII.

In the latest episode of “Arrive Early, Leave Late,” Page 2 columnist Arash Markazi discusses his experience at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, from the pregame tacos to the postgame party, and whether or not the Rams did enough to win over a new generation of fans in Los Angeles despite the 13-3 loss to the New England Patriots.

Later, Markazi talks about esports and explains how he ended up in China during the 2017 UCLA shoplifting scandal.

The Times launched “Arrive Early, Leave Late” in October to take listeners closer to the action of L.A.’s home teams. Hosted by Beto Durán and featuring The Times’ award-winning reporters and columnists, the podcast combines in-depth interviews, the best moments from the games and a look inside the front offices.


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