Rams tape review: A tough day for Case Keenum against the Giants in London

Rams tape review: A tough day for Case Keenum against the Giants in London
Giants defensive end Owa Odighizuwa is blocked as he tries to get to Rams quarterback Case Keenum during a game in London on Oct. 23.
(Tim Ireland / Associated Press)

The Rams traveled thousands of miles to London and lost to the New York Giants, 17-10, on Sunday.

Each week we take a look at the tape to see what worked, what didn’t and what you might have missed.

What: Rams WR Tavon Austin’s 10-yard touchdown reception

Down: Third and seven


Time: 11:20 left in first quarter

Here Case Keenum just takes what the Giants defense gives him. Tavon Austin (11) lines up in the slot and as soon as he clears the linebackers, he finds open space in the end zone with tight end Lance Kendricks (88) cutting underneath.

Austin doesn’t have to do much to make this play work; he has the inside position on safety Andrew Adams (33) and just has to make sure he holds on to the ball.


What: Rams QB Case Keenum runs into a sack

Down: Third and eight

Time: 6:03 left in first quarter

The Rams had to settle for a field goal on this drive after Keenum was sacked for a three-yard loss on this play.

When he drops back to pass, it looks like Keenum has a couple of options in tight end Lance Kendricks (88) down on the bottom or running back Benny Cunningham (23) near the top. The problem is the Giants’ pass rush appears to cut off his throwing lanes, so he steps up.

And that doesn’t work.

What: Rams RT Rob Havenstein’s hold erases a big gain by Kenny Britt 


Down: First and 10

Time: 2:06 left in the second quarter

This is a brutal penalty. Keenum steps up in the pocket and delivers a dart to Kenny Britt (18), who puts on that spin move he perfected against the Lions, and goes for a 26-yard gain. It’s too bad it gets wiped away.

Right tackle Rob Havenstein (79) has the unenviable task of dealing with Olivier Vernon (54) coming off the edge at a high rate of speed, and he gets beat, so he hooks the defender with his arm.

If Havenstein doesn’t hold Vernon though, it’s unlikely Keenum gets the pass off anyway.

What: Rams QB Case Keenum is picked off going for the big play

Down: Second and 10


Time: 4:10 left in fourth

On this play, Keenum goes big early to try to catch the Giants off guard, but New York is playing so well in coverage, and just he seems to pick the worst spot to throw it.

Tavon Austin (11) runs the deep route on this one and falls just in time to watch Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (41) make off with the interception. Even if Austin doesn’t fall, safety Andrew Adams (33) is right there as well for a potential pass breakup or interception.

What: Rams WR Bradley Marquez gets contacted illegally on final drive

Down: First and 10

Time: 1:01 left in fourth quarter

The Rams could have used a little help from the officials on this play. As receiver Bradley Marquez (10) runs into the end zone, he’s illegally contacted by cornerback Leon Hall beyond the first five yards from the line of scrimmage. 

Marquez had no idea a pass is coming his direction, and the ball is almost picked off by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (41) on the play.

But that’s OK for the Giants corner, who gets his second interception of the day two plays later.

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