Lacrosse goalie catches his counterpart unawares, scores full-field goal in final seconds of quarter [Video]

Adam Ghitelman thought the quarter was over.

The goalie for Major League Lacrosse’s Atlanta Blaze already had his protective gloves off and water bottle in hand with just over five seconds remaining in the third and the ball in his team’s possession all the way at the other end of the field.

But the quarter wasn’t over.

After intercepting a pass in front of his own goal with five seconds remaining in the third quarter, Denver Outlaws goalie Jack Kelly hurled the ball downfield.


The ball traveled 110 yards — nearly draining all the time off the clock in the process — to soar into the net just to the right of Ghitelman, who could only throw his water bottle down in apparent disgust.

Clearly, he wasn’t expecting something like that.

The two-point goal gave the Outlaws a 17-9 lead, and they went on to win the game 24-12.


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