Watch LaVar Ball lose to Ice Cube in a four-point shootout at Staples Center


LaVar Ball said he could make the BIG3 league’s four-point shot with his eyes closed.

Maybe that was his problem Sunday during a BIG3 event at Staples Center.

Ball made just one of those 30-foot shots during a shootout against BIG3 founder Ice Cube, while the rapper made two during the side-by-side competition to claim victory over the world’s most notorious basketball dad.

Once a scoring-challenged college basketball player, Ball has made headlines by boasting that he could have beaten Michael Jordan in a one-on-one basketball game. Ice Cube challenged Ball to see who could make more four-point shots — a gimmick of the BIG3 — in a 90-second period when the touring league came to town this summer.


“Love what you’re doing, baby!” Ice Cube said while issuing the friendly challenge. He added that he’d buy Big Baller Brand basketball shoes ($495 each) for every member of Ball’s AAU basketball team.

Ball accepted the challenge last week with a recorded video message that was very LaVar Ball.

“Me and my crew gonna show you what we do,” said Ball, whose oldest son, Lonzo, was drafted No. 2 overall by the Lakers this summer. “I ain’t scared of you, man. You know I hit them shots with my eyes closed.”

In the end, though, Ball wasn’t able to live up to his boastful words. None of his shots went in — even though he crept up in front of the four-point zone for several of them — until the final 10 seconds of the challenge.

But, chances are, we haven’t heard the last from Ball about his skills. Can’t wait to hear what kind of spin he puts on this one.


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