LeBron James poses for wedding photo with random couple

LeBron James poses with a couple that is about to get married.
LeBron James poses with a couple that is about to get married.
(Courtesy of Adagion Studio)

LeBron James is slowly but surely defusing his haters’ ammunition.

First, he wins a championship with the Miami Heat, shedding the winless title that has plagued him for eight long seasons.

Then he takes time out of his busy schedule to pose with a random couple getting married at the Ritz Carlton in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami.

Meet King James, the title-winning Mr. Nice Guy?


The photo opp happened Saturday before Jamie Kolnick married her hubbie Shaun.

James, who was at the hotel to meet a reporter, put his arms around the lucky couple and smiled widely for a photo.

“Shaun was like, ‘That’s enough! We don’t need to get married anymore,” the bride told the Huffington Post.

The couple’s wedding planner, Jen Schwartz, said the bride’s brother was “just dying.”

According to Schwartz, Kolnick eventually told her brother, “OK, you’re more excited that LeBron James is here than you are for my wedding!’”

If the Heat continue to win and James continues to ingratiate himself to his fans, his bad boy image could be gone as quickly as his hairline.


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