Is the Kobe Bryant extension a good or bad deal for the Lakers? [poll]

Kobe Bryant signed a two-year extension with the Lakers on Monday, worth between $40 million and $50 million. But was this the right move for the Lakers?

You can certainly argue that Kobe has earned the money, leading the Lakers to five NBA titles in his tenure with the team. But what about the big picture, the future of the team?

As Bill Plaschke wrote, “By paying nearly $50 million to ensure that Bryant retires a Laker, did the Lakers just retire their hopes of winning another championship with him?


“That may seem like a crazy question when talking about the greatest scorer in Lakers history and one of the greatest winners in NBA history, but a combination of age, Achilles and salary-cap issues make it legitimate.”

So what do you think? A good deal or a bad one? Vote in our informal poll and let us know.


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