Video: Man tries — but fails — to extinguish Olympic flame

The Olympic flame at the Bonfim Church in Salvador, Brazil, on May 24.
(Felipe Oliveira / Getty Images)

You could say it was just another day for the Olympic torch, which survived yet another attempt from someone intent on putting out its flame.

On Wednesday, as one in a string of torch bearers ran the flame through the city of Joinville, Brazil, on the way to the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, a man with a fire extinguisher ran out from the crowd of spectators and attempted to extinguish the flame. Luckily, a security guard tackled the man before the damage was done.

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to put out the flame as it travels Brazil.


A couple of weeks ago, a 27-year-old man attempted to douse the torch in Maracaju, but he missed and instead doused a another torch bearer and security guards.

There’s video of that failed attempt too.

The opening ceremonies for the Rio Games are three weeks away.

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