Excavation for new Rams stadium could start in two to three months

An artist's rendering of the proposed Rams stadium complex in Inglewood

Developers expect to start excavation for the Rams’ $2.6-billion Inglewood stadium in the next two to three months.

“From that point forward it just races ahead over a period of time,” said Gerard McCallum II, project manager for the Hollywood Park Land Co.

The city of Inglewood issued a grading permit for the 298-acre site earlier this month that noted “quantities include excavation for stadium”

While site preparation and infrastructure work has been ongoing for about a year and a half, the big dig will be the most visible sign of progress on the stadium that is expected to be finished in 2019.


The structure is expected to be sunk at least 100 feet into the ground. Dirt from the excavation will be used to level the entire site. McCallum expects the process to take six to eight months.

The plan for the sprawling mixed-use project also includes hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space, retail and housing.

The old Hollywood Park Casino will probably be demolished in October, McCallum said. The grand opening of its replacement on the edge of the site is scheduled for later that month.

The stadium project remains under review by the Federal Aviation Administration, an agency spokesman said.

The FAA expressed concern last year that the stadium’s exterior might interfere with radar at nearby Los Angeles International Airport. Developers expect the issue to be resolved.

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