Angels get some papal props on social media

The Angels' postseason run hasn't even started but already there's good news.

The Guardian (@guardianworld) tweeted out today, “I believe in angels, says Pope Francis — and they help you make right decisions

Good news for Mike Scioscia. The Pope was probably not referring to the baseball team, but it can't hurt.

Other fans, like @mk9577, are praying to a different source.


"Dear baseball gods," he said, "Please let the @Angels score lots of runs and win big tonight !!"

Then there's fans like @mitchm33 who will just be happy if the roads are clear. "@Angels I hope traffic from LA is not too bad so I can make it in time for tonight's game."

Some are just ready for the games to strart.

"I'm so excited for postseason baseball that I literally can't even right now," tweeted @jakemhutton. Dying. Like literally.

You can tell @KryssAnderson is excited to see Mike Trout in his first playoff game.

"@Angels Can we get @Trouty20 back in a game ASAP???" wrote @KryssAnderson "The guy still has satellites to knock out of the sky… #Halos."

But be carful about those satellites — @mitchm33 is going to need some GPS to avoid the traffic.

It seems the Angels hype has even reached high school economics classes.

@cuenca_joseph tweeted "Mr. Vander Veen discussing Opportunity Costs/Trade-Offs: "Would you rather go to the Angels game or stay home and get punched in the face."

Doesn't seem like a very difficult question, though.

Speaking of going to the game, any Angels fans looking to make the trip to Kansas City better start saving up.

"After 29-year wait, Royals games become most expensive playoff ticket," tweeted ESPN's @darrenrovell.

Grantland's Ben Lindbergh broke down the series, and showed every hitter in the Angels lineup produces more runs than the average league hitter: From @Grantland33:

"ALDS Preview: Breaking Down Tigers vs. Orioles and Royals vs. Angels, by @BenLindbergh.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports 1 and the MLB Network is picking the Royals. Here's the tweets from @jonmorosi:

"One reason I am picking #Royals over #Angels in ALDS: Angels pitching staff includes only two LHPs vs. Royals, who are better vs. RHP."

"Plus, as a general rule, lefties have an easier time holding runners at first base. And we saw what happened for #Royals Tuesday night."

The key could be something more banal. One Angels fan wants to make sure the team is drinking plenty of fluids.

And the fans can help out too, according to Gordon Beckham (@gordonbeckham): "Get loud tonight Halo fans!!!"

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