Bill Simmons, barred from Twitter, shares suspension via Instagram

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons and ESPN parted ways last May. He was previously suspended by the network and blasted ESPN and “Mike & Mike” on Twitter, calling a segment in which he was criticized “pathetic.”

(Don Juan Moore / Associated Press)

ESPN analyst Bill Simmons may be barred from using Twitter while on suspension due to a profane rant about Roger Goodell, but that isn't stopping him from sharing on Instagram.

Simmons was suspended for three weeks on Sept. 24 after used the F word multiple times while passionately exclaiming Goodell was lying about his involvement and knowledge of the mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.

Simmons' suspension was criticized heavily on social media, many saying he didn't cross a line, and what's more, his suspension is longer than Rice's initial league suspension.

But Simmons is making sure people know he is enjoying is time off, which seems to involve a lot of golfing and preparing to attend games.

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