Watch Steve Ballmer dance to Fergie at a Clippers-Lakers game

Microsoft CEO? Clippers owner?

Nah, we found out Steve Ballmer’s true calling Wednesday evening.

When Fergie surprised Staples Center by taking the floor after the first quarter of a game between the Clippers and the Lakers, Ballmer put on a show.

Ballmer, who sits courtside near the Clippers’ bench, stood up and exaggeratedly mouthed the words to Fergie’s song -- at least the ones he knew, which pretty much consisted of “la la la” -- while breaking out some incredibly impressive dance moves.


He waved his arms and alternated between lifting his right and left legs as though he was trying to attract the attention of a rescue helicopter.

“I’ll put it this way,” Blake Griffin said, “he danced exactly how I expected him to.”

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said he saw Ballmer dancing when he was trying to talk during a huddle. When asked what he thought of Ballmer’s moves, Rivers played the politician.

“No comment,” Rivers said. “Our relationship is too new.”

He went on to joke that it was impossible not to see the 58-year-old grooving.

“It probably distracted the whole team, that’s for sure,” Rivers said.

Chris Paul said he thought Ballmer’s moves were “cool.”

“He was feeling good tonight,” Paul said.

Matt Barnes offered a more realistic opinion.

“You can’t have everything,” Barnes said. “You can’t have money and moves.”

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