Colin Cowherd or Jim Harbaugh: Who's to blame for 'clunker' interview?

Michigan football Coach Jim Harbaugh appeared on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on ESPN Radio on Wednesday in what was later described by the host as "the clunkiest interview I've ever had."

It was that bad.

On Twitter later in the day, Harbaugh accepted some of the blame.

Cowherd's response also involved math, too much for me to understand, but it was meant to be conciliatory.

Much of the interview was spent with Cowherd firing off questions with no particular relevance to each other and Harbaugh giving mainly bland answers punctuated by a lot of pauses, "ums" and "I don't knows."

One especially awkward moment came when Cowherd asked about the Big 10 being a "buy," as in a stock you'd want to pick up, but Harbaugh interpreted it as "bye," as in an easy week on an opposing team's schedule.

Soon after, Harbaugh interrupted Cowherd mid-sentence, pointing out that the host had asked "50 questions."

Cowherd responded, "You're not giving me a ton to work with, Coach."

Things went downhill from there. Cowherd urged Harbaugh to try to sell his team, and the coach made a couple of clumsy attempts at humor.

Finally, Cowherd pulled the plug. "This seems terribly difficult, Jim, for you. This is just not working. I love you to death, I really do, but it seems like we're going nowhere with this.

Who do you think was more responsible for the "clunker" of an interview? Take a listen, and let us know what you think.