Watch Grant Hill teach Chris Paul’s son, Little Chris, how to dunk

Chris Paul had just finished an amazing performance.

In Game 2 of the Clippers first-round playoff series against Memphis, the point guard made a four-foot buzzer-beating bank shot with one-tenth of a second remaining in the game to give his team a 93-91 win. 

In the locker room afterward, Paul’s teammates apparently wanted to ensure that his 3-year-old son follows in his footsteps.

Grant Hill, a seven-time All-Star, gave Paul’s son, Little Chris, a dunking lesson. Hill stuck out his arms and pretended to be a hoop.


“I want the dunk, I want you to hang on it, and I want you to run backward with your swag, all right,” Hill said to Paul’s son.

Little Chris proceeded to jump onto Hill’s arms as though he were jamming a ball, then he ran around the locker room showing off some dance moves and stutter steps.

Paul often brings his son into the locker room after games and the young child seems to be gaining a lot of confidence from the exposure to some of the best athletes in the NBA.

He recently told Blake Griffin that he was better at dunking than the former NBA dunk champion and he even told a reporter that he beat Hill in a game of one-on-one.


Good luck to Little Chris’ rec league opponents.


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