Nick Saban addresses Yahoo allegations at news conference

Nick Saban
Alabama Coach Nick Saban says appropriate action will be taken if the university discovers players received impermissible benefits.
(Dave Martin / Associated Press)

Alabama Coach Nick Saban addressed the Yahoo allegations that one of his star former players, D.J. Fluker, received impermissible benefits while attending college.

Saban on the Yahoo article: “I didn’t read the article, I just came from practice. I know [Alabama Athletic Director Bill Battle] has already made comment on the story. I will say from an administrative standpoint, our people do a fantastic job. I think we have one of the best programs in what we try to do to help our players make good choices and good decisions when it comes to agents.

“I have full confidence in our leadership we’re going to do whatever we need to do to handle the situation appropriately, and I know that we will. I don’t know anything about current players who would have circumstances related to this. For as high profile players as we’ve had around here, I’m really pleased with how most of them for the most part have managed [...] for the University of Alabama.”

Saban also said, “If anybody didn’t do the right things, we’ll take appropriate action to take care of it.”



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