Referee charges at Kris Humphries, trying to block his free throw

In a game Wednesday between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors, NBA referee Courtney Kirkland ran at Kris Humphries as the Nets forward is about to shoot a free throw in the fourth quarter.

Humphries took two dribbles, lined up, and was about to release when Kirkland jumped toward him with his hands in the air, forcing Humphries to stop his momentum just as he’s about to shoot.

Maybe Kirkland is a huge Kim Kardashian fan, and when he saw Humphries standing by his lonesome at the free throw line, he couldn’t contain himself.

Or maybe Kirkland was trying to prevent Humphries from shooting until the subs checked into the game.


Either way, it was a pretty good block.

Humphries went on to make his second free throw, finishing with 11 points on nine-for-10 free-throw shooting in the Nets’ 94-88 win.


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