Richard Sherman says Michael Crabtree feud will last forever [Video]

Richard Sherman still has a beef with Michael Crabtree.

More than five months after his infamous rant following the NFC championship, Sherman doesn’t seem to have cooled down at all about Crabtree, the San Francisco 49ers receiver he called “sorry” on national TV that day.

In fact, Sherman says, he may never get over whatever it is that really happened between the two players.

“It’s not gonna be something that goes away,” Sherman said on an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “American Muscle” that aired Wednesday night. “I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out.”


Whoa, choke him out? Not exactly sure what he means by that ... but, then again, there’s apparently a lot about the Sherman-Crabtree feud that the rest of just don’t get.

“It’s a little something to it,” Sherman said. “It’s much more than just I don’t like the dude ... and I think he’s sorry.” (He’s using “sorry” the same way he did back in January, meaning a bad football player).

He added: “Nobody will understand it but him and me. That’s all that needs to understand it.”

Watch Sherman’s comments on Crabtree in the video above.


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