Floyd Mayweather makes way more money than Ronda Rousey, just not per second

Floyd Mayweather makes way more money than Ronda Rousey, just not per second
Ronda Rousey works out at Glendale Fighting Club in Glendale in July. The UFC fighter insists she makes more per second than boxer Floyd Mayweather. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

This Ronda Rousey-Floyd Mayweather rivalry might be getting a bit out of hand.

At various times in the last several months, the back-and-forth between the two pertained to such topics as domestic violence, who would win a hypothetical bout between the two of them and who makes more money in one night.


And now it has apparently come to this -- who makes more money per second.

Rousey says she does.

Mayweather "said 'You make $300 million a night, then you can give me a call,' and I actually did the math, and given the numbers of my last fight ... I think I actually make two or three times more than he does per second," Rousey told TMZ while walking her dog. "So when he learns to read and write, he can text me."

Earlier this month, Mayweather said for Rousey to call him when she makes $300 million in 36 minutes, presumably referring to his take from his megafight with Manny Pacquiao earlier this year.

Pressed on whether she makes more per second than Mayweather, Rousey said, "Yeah, I'm just more efficient" than he is.

On Thursday, Forbes magazine backed up Rousey's claim, saying she made more per second than Mayweather based on the lengths of their bouts and the amount of money they made from June 2014 to June 2015.

According to the magazine, Rousey made $3 million for her fights against Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano during that period, which lasted a total of 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Mayweather made $285 million for beating Marcos Maidana and Manny Pacquiao, but spent 72 minutes in the ring doing so.

That comes out to $100,000 per second for Rousey and a mere $65,972 for Mayweather. And, Forbes said, her claim of making "two or three times" the amount Mayweather makes per second is true if you add in all her non-UFC earnings. The magazine said her total earnings during that period are $6.5 million.

But, as Mayweather pointed out in a statement to TMZ on Thursday, none of that has anything to do with who actually makes the most money overall. In that battle, he is the clear winner.

"Big bank take little bank. Let's play and see how much money you got," Mayweather said. "Last time I checked I was #1 on Forbes. She will never be at my status. Keep trying to get publicity."

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