Twitter bio could cost Saints’ Jimmy Graham $5 million

Jimmy Graham, Keith Tandy, Dashon Goldson
New Orleans Saints’ Jimmy Graham pulls in a touchdown reception between Tampa Bay’s Dashon Goldson, left, and Keith Tandy.
(Bill Haber / Associated Press)

Jimmy Graham says he’s a wide receiver.

The Saints say he’s a tight end.

But what does Twitter say? The answer could mean a difference of more than $5 million in salary for Graham.

When New Orleans designated Graham with the 2014 franchise tag, they considered him a tight end, which is the position at which he was drafted and made the Pro Bowl in 2011 and ’13. That franchise tag is about $7 million.


But Graham filed a grievance through the players’ union, saying he should be considered a wide receiver because that’s where he lines up more often — 67% of the time, according to the NFL Players Assn. The franchise tag for that position? About $12.3 million.

The two sides met Tuesday for arbitration on the matter. While Graham might have game tape and statistics to use in his favor, the Saints have a pretty powerful weapon of their own — social media.

According to his own Twitter bio, Graham is a tight end. That should end the argument immediately, right? But just in case arbitrator Stephen Burbank isn’t quite hip to modern times, Graham’s website says the same thing.

And don’t think the Saints haven’t noticed. That’s going to be one of their arguments for the cheaper position, along with the fact that Graham meets in the tight ends’ room, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.


Well, it looks like a pretty solid case in favor of the Saints. Let’s just hope they don’t have to call in all 215,000 of Graham’s Twitter followers as witnesses — although for $5 million it might be worth it.

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