Shaquille O’Neal won’t have to kiss Steve Kerr’s feet (with cheese) after all

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal arrives at the 2019 NBA Awards on June 24 in Santa Monica.
(Etienne Laurent / EPA/Shutterstock)

Shaquille O’Neal once said he would kiss the feet of any coach whose team made it to the NBA Finals in four out of five years.

Seems like an odd thing to promise — and that’s not even considering that Shaq added that the lucky coach’s foot would have “cheese on it” and that this bizarre ritual would be performed on TV’s “Fear Factor.”

That was after Phil Jackson had led O’Neal and the Lakers to the finals four times in five years (2000 to 2004). Shaq was simply saying, in his own way, that no one would ever repeat that feat (pun intended).

“It’ll never be done again,” O’Neal told ESPN at the time.


In other words, he never had any intention of ever kissing anyone’s feet, with or without any kind of dairy product on top of them.

But now it’s 2019, and Jackson’s accomplishment hasn’t only been matched, it’s been surpassed. Steve Kerr has taken the Golden State Warriors to the finals in each of the last five seasons.

Fortunately for Shaq, Kerr doesn’t seem all that into the idea of the big man slobbering all over his toes. He tweeted the old clip of O’Neal promising to pucker up and wrote: “Hey @SHAQ, I’m going to do us both a favor and pretend that @D_West30 didn’t send this to me this morning.”

Kerr may have let him off the hook, but Shaq is a man of his word. He responded: “I guess I’ll c u in fear factor, and make sure it’s kraft cheese.”