Looks like Garth Brooks fans need a refresher on Barry (not Bernie) Sanders

Garth Brooks, top left, wore a Barry Sanders jersey during a recent concert; some fans thought he was showing his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
(Eric Jamison / Invision / Associated Press; Duane Burleson / Associated Press; Matt Rourke / Associated Press)

Barry Sanders led the NFL in rushing four times. His 2,053 yards in 1997 still stands as the league’s fourth-highest single-season total.

The former Detroit Lions running back played only 10 years but amassed 15,269 rushing yards, ranking fourth in NFL history.

But what has he done for us lately?

Apparently not enough. This is 2020, and there’s another Sanders who dominates the headlines these days. And that somehow led to some recent backlash for a country music superstar just trying to honor a Detroit legend.


Garth Brooks played to more than 70,000 fans Saturday night at Ford Field, home of the Lions for the last 18 years — and he did so in a Sanders throwback jersey. Nice touch for the local fans, but it confused others who thought the singer was making a political statement.

Apparently that’s what happens in 2020 when you post a photo of yourself wearing a shirt featuring the name Sanders and number 20, like Brooks did on Instagram earlier this week.

Yep, many folks thought that the usually apolitical performer was showing his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — and a lot of them were pretty upset. Here’s some of the comments his post received:

“Good grief. Can’t you just do what you get paid to do ???? Why why why does it have to involve politics !!! So sad. We don’t pay good money for anything other than to watch you perform. Thought you were different.”

“Nothing like supporting a communist to loss a few fans! How about going to a successful socialist country and doing some research? Oh yes, you can’t because there aren’t ANY successful socialist countries!”


“Weird. That a millionaire would like a socialist. Hey Garth are you going to distribute your millions?”

“If this is for Bernie Sanders, I’m done with you. I thought you were a true American that loves Our Country?”

“No thanks! Trump 2020!”

“Sorry Garth.. don’t think so. Just stick to music.”

“What are saying? Your a Communist or a Socialist. Either way your a loser. Just threw out your cd “

Sanders, the Pro Football Hall of Famer, responded Friday morning on Twitter.

With everything going on in the world these days, maybe it’s a good thing that folks are more focused on politics than sports.

Or maybe some people just need a refresher on the greatness of Barry Sanders. So here ya go ...

Wonder if Bernie has moves like those.