NCAA bars states with prominent Confederate symbols from hosting all title events

A basketball player shoots in front of the NCAA logo.
Mississippi is the only state affected by the NCAA’s policy against holding championship events in states that display prominent Confederate symbols.
(Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

The NCAA is expanding its policy banning states with prominent Confederate symbols from hosting its championship events.

The current ban, in place since 2001, prevents states from hosting what the NCAA calls predetermined championship sites, such as men’s basketball tournament games.

Mississippi is the only state currently affected by the policy. The Confederate battle flag is part of the design of the state flag.


The expanded policy means that even when sites of NCAA events are determined by performance, as they are in sports such as baseball, women’s basketball and lacrosse, Mississippi schools will not be permitted to host them. The move comes one day after the Southeastern Conference announced it was considering a similar measure.

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June 19, 2020