March Madness: How to watch, stream every 2021 NCAA tournament game

A view of a 'March Madness' logo is seen on a basketball court.
(Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament begins this week. But you already know that.

The teams have been selected and the first-round matchups are set. But you likely learned all about that Sunday night.

What you may not know is when each game is being played and how you can watch them all.


Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

The basics

The tournament officially gets started Thursday with a mini-round known as the First Four, with the madness kicking into full swing the following day. The first and second rounds are Friday through Monday; the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight are March 27-30; the Final Four semifinalists play on April 3 and the championship game is April 5.

It’s been 26 years since a team from Los Angeles last won an NCAA title, and that’s why UCLA’s and USC’s dance into March Madness 2021 is so promising.

March 14, 2021

Every game will broadcast on one of four networks — CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV. The games also can be streamed on the NCAA March Madness website, Paramount+ and fuboTV.

How can I find those channels?

Thursday’s games

Mount Saint Mary’s vs. Texas Southern (2:10 p.m., truTV)

Wichita State vs. Drake (3:27 p.m., TBS)

Norfolk State vs. Appalachian State (5:40 p.m., truTV)

Michigan State vs. UCLA (6:57 p.m., TBS)

Friday’s games

Florida vs. Virginia Tech (9:15 a.m., CBS)

Arkansas vs. Colgate (9:45 a.m., truTV)

Illinois vs. Drexel (10:15 a.m., TBS)

Texas Tech vs. Utah State (10:45 a.m., TNT)

Ohio State vs. Oral Roberts (noon, CBS)

Baylor vs. Hartford (12:30 p.m., truTV)

Loyola Chicago vs. Georgia Tech (1 p.m., TBS)

Tennessee vs. Oregon State (1:30 p.m., TNT)

Oklahoma State vs. Liberty (3:25 p.m., TBS)

North Carolina vs. Wisconsin (4:10 p.m., CBS)

Houston vs. Cleveland State (4:15 p.m., truTV)

Purdue vs. North Texas (4:25 p.m., TNT)

Clemson vs. Rutgers (6:20 p.m., TBS)

San Diego State vs. Syracuse (6:40 p.m., CBS)

West Virginia vs. Morehead State (6:50 p.m., truTV)

Villanova vs. Winthrop (6:57 p.m., TNT)

A year after COVID-19 wiped out what could have been a promising 2020 tournament campaign, the USC men’s basketball team is feeling confident again.

March 14, 2021

Saturday’s games

Colorado vs. Georgetown (9:15 a.m., CBS)

Florida St. vs. UNC Greensboro (9:45 a.m., truTV)

Kansas vs. Eastern Washington (10:15 a.m., TBS)

LSU vs. St. Bonaventure (10:45 a.m., TNT)

Michigan vs. Mount St. Mary’s/Texas Southern winner (noon, CBS)

Creighton vs. Santa Barbara (12:30 p.m., truTV)

Alabama vs. Iona (1 p.m., TBS)

USC vs. Wichita State/Drake winner (1:30 p.m., TNT)

Iowa vs. Grand Canyon (3:25 p.m., TBS)

Connecticut vs. Maryland (4:10 p.m., CBS)

Virginia vs. Ohio (4:15 p.m., truTV)

Oklahoma vs. Missouri (4:25 p.m., TNT)

Gonzaga vs. Norfolk State/Appalachian State winner (6:20 p.m., TBS)

BYU vs. Michigan State/UCLA winner (6:40 p.m., CBS)

Texas vs. Abilene Christian (6:50 p.m., truTV)

Oregon vs. VCU (6:57 p.m., TNT)