Sparks’ #WNBAJerseyGate post might be the best April Fool’s joke of the day

Los Angeles Sparks April Fool's jerseys hanging on a rack
The Los Angeles Sparks played an April Fool’s joke in light of #WNBAJerseyGate.

A little more than a week after unveiling their new logo for the 2021 season, the Sparks revealed their new jerseys ... psych!

On Thursday, the WNBA team posted a picture on Twitter of two jerseys placed on hangers. One is purple with yellow writing and the circle logo and the other is white with purple details. Both designs look as if they were scrawled by a child, which would cause anyone who knows how serious jersey designs are to scratch their head, although a Children’s Hospital tribute design isn’t a bad idea.

When clicking the link that accompanies the post, fans are taken to a landing page that reveals that the jerseys are, indeed, an April Fool’s joke.

The Sparks’ image is a modification of a post published Monday by journalist Jackie Powell, who shared photos of Sabrina Ionescu New York Liberty jerseys she found on sale at a local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The WNBA, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, has been playing cat and mouse with fans over the actual unveiling of the 2021 season jerseys for its 12 teams. The tag #WNBAJerseyGate has been used to gather what little information players and teams are giving out and what gems fans find on scavenger hunts as some stores have put the jerseys on sales floors before the official release date.

There are two accounts especially leading the charge, Chicago Sky fan account @TheSkyShowCHI and journalist and talk show host Khristina Williams. It appears each team will have three jersey designs, Heroine, Explorer and Rebel. Prices for the Nike jerseys run from $100 to $250.

As to when the WNBA jerseys actually will be unveiled, Twitter posts declared “before Memorial Day” on May 31, or “before the WNBA Draft” on April 15. There also are reports the jerseys will be unveiled April 14.