Letters to Sports: Rams coach Sean McVay and his staff need to step it up in the playoffs

Rams coach Sean McVay walks on the sideline during a playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals
Rams coach Sean McVay walks on the sideline during a playoff game against the Cardinals at SoFi Stadium.
(Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

I have no problem viewing the [Rams’ Cooper] Kupp fumble as an aberration. The two fumbles by [Cam] Akers is more of a concern as I lay the primary blame on the coaching staff for playing him as much as they did during the game, especially since he did not have much success. One who misses as much time as he did is obviously not acclimated to getting hit the number of times he did in this game. This causes me to wonder why in the world he carried the ball 24 times (for 48 yards) while [Sony] Michel, who performed quite well this year, had one carry (for four yards). Players have to step it up during the playoffs, but so do coaches!

Mark Kaiserman
Santa Monica


How about giving kudos to Gary Klein for correctly predicting the winner and exact score of Sunday’s Rams-Bucs game 30-27. Good call!


Paul Kessler
Los Angeles


I was surprised to read that the Rams will not sell tickets to the NFC championship game to anyone with an address outside of “the greater Los Angeles area.” Does management have so little confidence in their team? We live in Santa Barbara. Is this an area deemed sufficiently loyal?

What an image.

Kate Belanger
Santa Barbara

The Rams loaded their roster with stars to win the Super Bowl on home turf this year, but they must beat the rival San Francisco 49ers to get there.


The Rams’ efforts to prevent 49ers fans from purchasing tickets to the NFC title game reflect very poor sportsmanship. That any NFL fan, at any NFL stadium, should be given the impression that they are not welcome is not consistent with the league’s mission or with what my mom would call manners.

Peter Marston


The 49ers have not been beating the Rams. 49ers coach [Kyle] Shanahan has been beating [Sean] McVay. The two men know each other well. So McVay needs to run the scout team this week, and allow his assistant coaches to draw up the game plan. It will drive Shanahan nuts.

Sanford Holst
Sherman Oaks

The NFL’s decision to stay out of L.A. for more than two decades is the main reason why 49ers fans likely will outnumber Rams fans at SoFi Stadium.


When you’ve built a 24-point lead by passing and have been stuffed on the run, you don’t run down the clock by going to your weakness. Sean, you gotta dance with the one who brung ya. That’s how you lost the 49ers game. And bring back Sony Michel.

Mike Schaller
Temple City

Flip flop

Despite being happy the Chiefs defeated the Bills, once again an NFL playoff victory has been tainted by the NFL’s reliance on a coin flip to start overtime.

Had the Bills won the coin flip or been given the ball after the Chiefs scored in OT, it seems highly likely the Bills would have scored a touchdown. It is long past due for the normally forward-thinking NFL to change this ridiculous rule.

Ken Feldman


The Buffalo Bills were robbed of a possible NFL title win by stupid rules of the NFL for overtime. The more fair rules in college football for overtime playoffs are that each team has the chance to make a touchdown or a field goal. Why doesn’t the NFL change their unfair rules?

Terry Oleson
West Hollywood

Players, coaches and fans are criticizing the NFL’s overtime rules after Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen never got on the field in the extra period.


The Chiefs are to be saluted for winning a classic playoff game. But this does not change the fact that the NFL overtime rules are unfair. The Chiefs won the coin flip, got to receive the kickoff, and drove for a touchdown. The Bills were not allowed to have the ball. Game over.

Bruce Janger
Santa Monica

Rob must go

Someone needs to says it. [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka is the problem and must go. He assembled this team of aging stars. AD can’t stay healthy, and the team can’t get along. How did Pelinka get the job? He was Kobe’s friend and agent. That does not qualify you to run a team.

Tim Wilbur
Temple City


Thank you, Bill Plaschke, for telling it like it is. Fire Frank Vogel after guiding us to a championship under extremely difficult conditions? He deserves better than this. The bottom line is there is only one person that should be fired — Rob Pelinka. Shame on Jennie Buss and company, don’t use Vogel as the scapegoat.

Jeff Butler
Coto de Caza

Given the Lakers’ roster limitations, under-the-radar Austin Reaves’ steady development has become a rare personnel win for the franchise.

Fame or shame?

Appreciated the piece by Bill Shaikin on the “complicated process” of sportswriters choosing to leave Barry Bonds out of the Hall of Fame. Tucked away on the back page were the words “the player’s ... integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions,” as some of the attributes for the voters to keep in mind during their decision making. There already are too many examples of players who seem to have cheated and faced no consequences for their behavior.

Perhaps it is too simple-minded to ask if cheating is what we want our children to aspire to?

Tim Mull


Bill Shaikin ends his paean to Barry Bonds by suggesting Bonds doesn’t need a plaque at the Hall of Fame “to verify his greatness.” Greatness? Barry Bonds is one thing and one thing only: a cheat.

Jordan Chodorow
West Hollywood

Barry Bonds is baseball’s all-time home run leader but Tuesday he again failed to get elected to the Hall of Fame. His story is still a part of Cooperstown.


There should be a Hall of Shame for the baseball writers who voted against allowing the most feared and greatest power hitter in the history of the sport, Barry Bonds, in the Hall of Fame.

Alan Segal
San Diego

More volleyball

On Wednesday, USC played Long Beach State in men’s volleyball. Please put the results of these matches in the paper. Men’s volleyball and women’s volleyball are part of the sports world. We’d like some acknowledgment.

Susan Hamilton
Westlake Village


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