UCLA’s Jim Mora interviewing with New York Jets was news to Jim Mora

UCLA Coach Jim Mora speaks with his players during an Alamo Bowl win over Kansas State on Jan. 2.
(Eric Gay / Associated Press)

Another day driving traffic on the Internet.

In the span of three hours, UCLA Coach Jim Mora went from being interviewed for the New York Jets’ job to not interviewing for the New York Jets’ job, according to a Bruins recruiting website.

Mora made good sport of that during an interview on the Rich Eisen Show Tuesday.

At one point, Mora said, “I was in my office the other day, one of the assistant coaches came in and said ‘I thought you were in New York, I just read you were in New York.’ ”

Mora added that, “unless this studio has now floated its way to New York, I’m here.”

So ends another round of Internet chatter.

Mora hedged his comments before the Valero Alamo Bowl, saying he had no plans to leave UCLA “at this time” last week. On Tuesday, that was upgraded to, “I never wavered from saying that I’m very happy at UCLA. I love college football and I love coaching UCLA Bruins. I have not made any overtures toward any NFL team, my agent hasn’t.”


As for the latest rumor, Mora said, “Well, I think it’s always a compliment to your program and the success that your program is having when other people mention you, whether it’s real or fabricated.”

Of course, it also never hurts a coach, or his agent, to have those rumors floated. A year ago, interest from Washington was parlayed into more money for Mora and his assistants, and concrete plans for a football facility.