Hey kids: Google wants your science project!

Generally, these haven’t been good times for science fairs -- budget cuts at schools and tough family finances have meant that fewer kids get the opportunity to hypothesize, test and conclude; to beg their mom to neatly stencil their work onto a large poster display (at the last minute, for maximum dramatic effect); and, if they’re lucky, to win a ribbon or trophy for their (her?) work.

But this year, budding scientists around the world will get a chance to submit science projects electronically to Google’s online science fair, set to take place in May. The company called for entries on Tuesday, and will accept submissions until April 4.

Kids interested in the health sciences can submit projects in biology, food science or several other applicable categories. This sample Web page, which Google says comes from a high school senior in Oregon, describes a computer science project that programs autonomous robots to make deliveries in hospitals, freeing up nurses to work with patients.


More groovy medical ideas welcome. Just please don’t make your mom build your Web page.

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