Royal Caribbean creates video-making tool that uses AI to add original music — and it’s free

The new SoundSeeker digital tool can be used on mobile and desktop devices.
(Royal Caribbean International)

Royal Caribbean International has rolled out a new digital tool that makes an instant video montage of your vacation photographs and sets it to original music based on the content of the images. SoundSeeker uses artificial intelligence technology to scan your uploaded images and make the musical choices.

That’s right, you’ll have your own customized score to share on social media, inspired by music such as ’90s hip-hop and rock as well as modern and electronic dance music, a cruise line news release said Wednesday.

Music selections are based on “color, landscape, backdrop, emotion, body language and facial expression.” The tool is available to anyone on land or at sea — and it’s free.

Why is Royal Caribbean creating a digital video tool? The line wants to appeal to families with children, particularly teenagers, who may make the connection between tech innovation and cruising.


To make your own video, go to and upload three photos; no email registration or profile required. You’ll create a short video burst of kaleidoscopic images that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Of course, they are branded with Royal Caribbean’s logo.)

The Boston-based Berklee College of Music created the roadmap for the song generator part of the tool. Musicians and tech workers “reviewed hundreds of music tracks along with 10,000 photos, matching each of the 2.5 million combinations to one of 10 moods,” the release said.

By the way, Royal Caribbean equips its ships with Voom wireless internet access that works on satellites, not cell towers. Prices vary by number of devices and the service package, the cruise line’s website says.



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