Loathe at first sight: Your fellow travelers will hate you if you do any of these five things

Maybe a super-sized tapas plate of octopus In Galicia, Spain, qualifies as a worthy selfie stop. Travelers in a recent survey found selfie-snapping to be one of the most annoying behaviors among fellow travelers.
(Brais Lorenzo/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

How do your fellow travelers hate you? Let us count the ways. If you’re noisy, glued to your phone, insensitive, travel in a pack and are obsessed with taking selfies, you fall in the jerk category, according to a recent survey by Agoda, a Singapore-based online travel company.

By far, loud travelers and mobile device addiction topped the list of most annoying behaviors among the 10,384 people around the world who responded, the company’s news release said.

Some global travelers, however, may be more tolerant of these actions than others. For example, selfie takers annoyed only 12% of Chinese respondents, compared with 31% of Australians.

(Check out the video below for some extremely devastating consequences of trying to snap the perfect selfie.)



Travelers from Singapore found cultural insensitivity a major annoyance (63%), compared with 54% of British travelers and 41% of American travelers.

But back to travelers and their mobile devices: How much time do they spend texting and posting when they are on vacation?

Americans who travel alone spend about 62 minutes a day on their devices. That goes against the trend among solo travelers from all countries who spend nearly two hours a day on devices, the survey showed.


Regardless of who finds what annoying, the survey is reason enough for all travelers to check themselves while out discovering the world — and make sure their good time isn’t ruining someone else’s fun.

The survey was conducted by market research firm YouGov between June 19 and 25. It included 10,384 respondents who had taken a vacation at least once in the past year.


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