Las Vegas’ best holiday light display: a hypnotist’s decked-out home

With nearly 100,000 lights, this Las Vegas home may very well rival some of the displays on the Strip.

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Hypnotist Marc Savard puts thousands of visitors in a trance outside his home every December, but it’s not part of the Las Vegas hypnotist’s show.

For the last eight years, the entertainer has provided locals and out-of-towners with a display of approximately 100,000 LED lights that dance to Christmas songs.


Savard has spent countless hours in front of a computer, syncing the lights to the music. The Canadian, who in February will mark 11 years as the star of the Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis show, obviously knows plenty about flashy productions.

“Everything is very strategically set,” Savard said. “It gives it a very, very classic and elegant look. … I’m personally not a fan of yards that look like they just puked Christmas.”

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Savard’s show draws spectators to his home at 1420 E. Robindale Road in Las Vegas. The house is about six miles southeast of Planet Hollywood, where he performs six nights a week in the V Theater.

“I didn’t realize that it would really catch on,” he said. “The first year, I started out with a really small set, about 25,000 lights. … The next I upgraded to almost a hundred thousand lights and it’s been that set-up for the last seven years now.”

“My kids like to go outside and hand out candy canes or mints,” he said. “I have young children, so they call them ‘customers.’ They’ll open up the window blinds and they’ll say, ‘We’ve got six customers,’ and there are six cars parked outside.”


On nights with cold temperatures, visitors who don’t want to get out of their cars can listen to the music by tuning their radios to 101.3 FM.

Because all the lights are LEDs, Savard said his electric bill for December isn’t as high as some might expect. Six weeks of entertaining thousands of people costs him only about $400 in extra energy costs, he said.

“It’s a labor of love mixed in with insanity,” he said.

The over-the-top lights display continues through Jan. 1.

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