Did you fall in love with totality? Next total solar eclipse comes to the U.S. in less than 2,420 days


Millions of Americans from coast to coast looked up Monday to gaze at the total solar eclipse. And for those who fell in love with the darkest moments of the celestial event, it’s not too early to plan for the next one.

In America, the next total solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024. It may sound far off, but you can bet serious eclipse-watchers already have made travel plans. The path of totality cuts a south-to-north diagonal course from Mazatlán, Mexico, to Newfoundland, Canada.

U.S. cities that will be in the darkest part, the path of totality, include places such as Dallas; Cleveland and Dayton in Ohio; Indianapolis; and Buffalo and Rochester in New York. Carbondale, Ill., grabs the title “Eclipse Crossroads of America” because it was in totality Monday and will again be in the path in 2024.


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If you don’t want to wait seven years, you can book a trip right now for the next total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019. It starts in the Pacific Ocean before reaching the west coast of Chile and then moving across parts of Argentina.

That means visiting dreamy landscapes like the Andes Mountains and the Atacama Desert where viewing should be good (weather permitting). Companies such as and Astro Trails already have itineraries you can book for July 2 in South America and for upcoming eclipses happening in more remote parts of the world.

Eclipse Tour 2019 offered by Tropical Sails Corp. takes you to Vicuña, Chile, in the Elqui Valley, which is in the path of totality. It’s about 332 miles north of Santiago. On the tour, you’ll also explore the Atacama Desert, see where Chilean flamingos hang out and explore vineyards. Prices start at $5,495, based on double occupancy. Info: Solar Eclipse Tour 2019, (800) 595-1003 or (623) 444-8195, or email

The South Pacific Cruise to Totality takes passengers to a point just north of Pitcairn Island off Australia to watch 3 minutes and 10 seconds of totality on July 2. Stops on the cruise aboard the Paul Gauguin include Bora-Bora, More, Rangiroa, Huahine and Taha’a. It costs $7,901 per person, based on double occupancy, if you book by Aug. 31. Info: South Pacific Cruise to Totality, (800) 830-1998, or contact a travel agent.




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