Web Buzz: A soundtrack to your city


Grab your headphones and take a walk to hear the sounds of the city or countryside.


What it does: Brings scenes to life by adding a soundtrack to vibrant black-and-white panoramic photographs. Available for seven destinations, including New York; San Francisco; Bergen, Norway; Oslo; and Stockholm.


What’s hot: Within each destination are individual travel vignettes to discover. Go through each one by name or use the map on the left sidebar to visit them as if you were treasure-hunting. Some of my favorite scenes are the Flam Railway and Flamselvi in Norway and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The experience is infinitely richer when you use headphones instead of your computer’s normal audio source. I found my senses heightened; each time I listened to a scene, I would hear details I hadn’t caught on a previous hearing. Grab a pair and let the eavesdropping begin.

What’s not: I found myself wanting to see some of the photographs in color, not just in black and white.