American Airlines won’t change its stripes

American Airlines color scheme
American Airlines will keep the new red, white and blue stripe design on its planes’ tails.
(Scott Olson / Getty Images)

American Airlines will stick with the red, white and blue stripes on its planes’ tails.

That was the outcome of a vote by more than 60,000 employees of the world’s largest airline.

The vote came about because the airline adopted a new logo and color scheme just before it announced a merger with US Airways back in February 2013.

The call to adopt the new paint job was made when Tom Horton was chief executive of the Fort Worth-based airline.


Doug Parker, former CEO of US Airways, took over the new American Airlines last month and decided to let employees decide whether to keep the new logo and design or go back to the previous design, a red and blue “AA” with a blue eagle and red and blue stripes along the length of the plane.

To avoid repainting every plane from top to bottom — at a cost of $100,000 to $200,000 apiece — Parker let workers vote only on the tail design: either the red, white and blue stripes or the old red-and-blue “AA” logo with a blue eagle.

The vote was 52% to stick with the new design.



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