Gifts for intrepid travelers


An adventure traveler, environmentalist or nature photographer on your holiday gift list? Here are 22 presents that may fill the bill.

Action Cameras

One action camera makes selfies automatic while the other can capture your speed and heart rate.


VSN Mobil V.360 HD Action Sport camera: A rugged, water-resistant, 360-degree action camera with an Android 4.4 operating system. It shoots high-definition video, panoramic stills and time-lapse video. Its free iOS or Android app makes your phone a remote control and image editor.

Info: $449,

TomTom Bandit Action Camera: A weatherproof camera that detects speed, G-force, altitude and heartbeat (with a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor) and shoots up to 4K high-definition video and 16-megapixel stills. Video modes include time lapse and slow motion. It comes with a GoPro adapter mount, etc.

Info: $400,



No one likes being stuck with a dead cellphone and no power outlet. Here are two rechargers for the power hungry — one recharges with sunshine.

Ventev powercell 10000+ battery charger: This lithium-polymer battery has two prongs for 110-volt wall charging, a 1.0 five-volt USB port and two rapid-charging built-in cables for micro-USB or Apple Lightning-tip devices, including tablets.

Info: $100,


Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger: A pocket-sized lithium battery with a USB port for charging smartphones and other small devices. A built-in USB tip flips out to recharge using a USB port or solar panel.

Info: $50,

Selfie tools

Annoying travel accessory or indispensable tool? You be the judge.

RH Tripod with remote shutter for iPhone: A tabletop tripod that pairs an iPhone or iPod with a Bluetooth remote to shoot selfies up to 30 feet away.

Info: $49 ,


Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick: A folding selfie stick that extends up to 32 inches. Its built-in Bluetooth remote pairs with most iPhones and Androids.

Info: $17,

Audio pleasures

Nothing beats great sound whether it’s delivered using wireless or in-ear headphones, a multitasking speaker or a music-streaming device.


Torque t096z customizable headphones: These in-ear headphones come with six interchangeable TorqueValves that can be swapped out to adjust the bass level appropriate for the type of music being played.

Info: $329.95,

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless: Comfy headphones with rich, immersive sound whether used wirelessly or with the supplied analog cable. It pairs with most iOS and Android devices, including smartwatches.

Info: $300,


EcoXGear EcoPebble Powerbank: A rugged, waterproof five-watt speaker, flashlight and battery charger with two USB outputs.

Info: $100,

Chromecast Audio: A gadget that plugs into a speaker’s auxiliary line, RCA or optical input to stream music wirelessly using the free Chromecast app on an iOS or Android phone or tablet, a Mac or Windows laptop or a Chromebook.

Info: $35,

Travel clothing


These gifts can protect travelers from the weather, pickpockets or the fashion police.

North Face Women’s Thermoball Hoodie: A lightweight ripstop nylon hoodie with synthetic down that captures your body heat. A $220 men’s Thermoball hoodie is also available.

Info: $220,

Columbia Women’s Storm Surge Rain Pant: These waterproof pants let air in and keep the rain out. The men’s version, the Rebel Roamer Rain Pant, is the same price.

Info: $50,


Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof women’s travel pants: Stain-resistant, comfy nylon pants feature UPF 50 sun protection and pickpocket-proof pockets. Front pockets include two secret pockets. The Men’s Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants are similar and cost $110.

Info: $100,,

Beija-Flor Audrey ankle jeans: Stylish Brazilian-designed lightweight jeans look and feel great, especially on long overnight flights.

Info: $168,


CEP Women’s Recovery+ Pro Compression Socks: Gradient compression socks, which feel tighter around the ankle and less constricted toward the knee, aim to prevent swelling and deep-vein thrombosis on long flights.

Info: $50,

Sun defense

A hat and an organic sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Tilley LTM8 Lightweight Mesh hat: Wide-brimmed mesh nylon hat offers maximum sun protection. It also repels water and floats.


Info: $84,

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream: A paraben-free 30 SPF tinted sunscreen made with 20% natural zinc oxide.

Info: $39,

Luggage and backpacks

Here are an ideal roll-aboard for a small ship’s cabin and a great backpack for wilderness photography.


EC Lync System 22: A two-wheeled, 22-inch carry-on that doubles as a backpack and weighs less than 5 pounds. Eagle Creek’s Connect-It technology makes it easy to deconstruct or reassemble. It becomes a daypack in a snap. Info: $259.95,

Lowepro Whistler BP 350 AW: A rugged weatherproof camera backpack designed to tote a DSLR camera and lenses as well as skis and a tripod. Info: $350,

Luggage and gadget trackers

One device finds your luggage when the airline can’t, and the other locates just about everything else.


TrakDot Luggage Tracker: The battery-operated luggage tracker combines microelectronics, accelerometer technology and cellular connectivity to locate your bag and report its position.

Info: $70 (includes a $20 annual tracking subscription fee),

TrackR Bravo: A slender Bluetooth tracker works with a free iOS or Android app to locate items within 100 feet. It can also help find your phone.

Info: $30,

One smooth ride


EcoReco M5 Air Scooter: The portable electric scooter is designed for adults and can travel 20 miles on one charge, It offers travelers and conventioneers an eco-friendly way to get around.

Info: $1,250,

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